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 6 Months in a Leaky Boat... Day 182, Rank 245 
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Post Re: 6 Months in a Leaky Boat... Day 182, Rank 245
Bloodied Unbowed wrote:
Wow. With 753 planets that puts your average artifact production at 2183. I'm at less than half that. One set of stats I'd be interested in is total planet capacity for minerals/artifact/research. How many hours does it take to max you out?

Yep, capacity has been a problem for quite a few years now.

Mining is a little under 2 hours storage.
Artifact is less than 6 hours arti storage.
Research (thanks to silly numbers of scientists) is a ludicrous 0.433 of an hour storage.

So every hour, over a million Android Scientists scattered over my 4000 decks inexplicably discharge their RAM and lose everything they have worked on for the last 60 minutes ;)
The sound is a little disconcerting at first, but you get used to it.
Shame they didn't ship with at least enough hard disk space so that they wouldn't crash every hour of their long lives, but such is life.
They make lovely bookcases if you stack them with care, apart from the regular "Zzzzzttttpppppshh" every hour as their cache disappears.

Minerals: 683190 units / hour
0 / 1322800
Artifacts: 1644505 points / hour
804 / 9412800
Research: 1797626 research / hour

Wed Sep 02, 2020 12:55 am

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Post Re: 6 Months in a Leaky Boat... Day 182, Rank 245
Guide wrote:
Deigobene wrote:
8 year update. Time flies...

Unbuffed stats.

Rank 3036 Litheor Excavator

Attack: 2,201,296
Defense: 2,201,312
Scan: 18,966
Cloak: 21,811

4021 Decks
12,875,500 Cargo
110,643 Engineers
2,127,033 Tactical Officers
1,554,262 Helmsmen
1,235,017 Scientists

Energy: 116,965
Hull: 5,735,569
Shield: 2,505,057

Minerals: 683,059 units / hour
Artifacts: 1,644,264 points / hour
Research: 1,794,157 research / hour

Y'know this makes me wonder if there's much point in playing anymore. I figure you don't even have to buff up for 99% of gameplay. I don't see the point in investing more time, effort, and money when what it gets you matters very little.

Still, kudos to you for reaching such crazy numbers. I can't begin to think about how strong your will power must be.

There's really no actual point, apart from the pursuit of fun, to any of the game, no matter where you are in development.
While it remains fun for me, I will continue to play, enjoy and support it.

I very much enjoy the planet building and maximizing aspects of Galaxy Legion, so with my trusty google sheets planet spreadsheet I will continue to see where it takes my little ship.

Re: will power, that is part of it I guess but I don't find it a chore, otherwise I'd just stop.
Like pretty much everything, it always comes down to the choices we make.

To avoid getting bored, I tend to do a lot of clicking of ship artis while watching TV.
Same with planet scanning or other repetitive clicking tasks which don't really involve any brain power.
I just throw something on and click away mindlessly while I watch.

Couple of episodes later and lots of progress can be made. 10s of 1000s, gradually become 1000s, then 100s.
This is pretty important when you are generating comfortably over 300 of every arti every day.
Miss a couple of days or concentrate on NPCing for a seasonal and it can build up quickly.

At this stage it often becomes a question of clicking while binge watching seasons ;)
As long as the show is good, it doesn't really worry me.

Main thing to remember, for me, is that if it's not fun or rewarding, no one is forcing anyone to play.

Wed Sep 02, 2020 1:16 am
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