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 PVP For Dummies! 
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Post PVP For Dummies!
I am going to add/edit this please give me some constructive criticism! I want to know if I am a bozo or not.

So you heard about pvping, but you don't know what to do or where to start?
Look no further! This guide will help any dummie PVP!

Why PVP?
You can pvp for the good ol' fun of it, to get badges for battle market items, rank up allies, or get reds to scan for bases!

Null Fuses
If you want to do a big pvp run, you better have null fuses on deck! Null fuses remove the effects of a quantum firewall (-99.99% cloak 2 hours) and a krionus virus (-90% attack 30 minutes)If you want to do a small pvp run then you might not need any null fuses. ;)

Choosing a Target
When pvping choosing a target is very important. There are a couple things that go into choosing a suitable target. If you want to avoid halcyon traps, it's quite simple. A person with a bigger action count than 3-5-5 can NOT use a halcyon! If you notice that the person you are targeting has a 3-5-5 or less action count, listen up.

Before doing these checks first attack the ship once and see how much damage you do. This will come naturally later on, but if you aren't hitting for enough damage (either too much defense or a small deck ship) consider debuffing or bumping the ship. Attacking any ship once will bump the ship from the 10 ships you are viewing, even if the ship is under the effects of a halcyon aura or calming amplifier. You can't do any damage to these people but it doesn't cost any damage to bump pacified players.

Stryll Trap Probes
Stryll Trap Probes allow you to view how many traps any ship on the battle tab currently has set! There are 7 traps in the game, 6 which "protect" you from being disabled and 1 that hurts anyone who successfully hacks you. You will almost NEVER see a ship with 6-7 traps on. Most commonly a ship will have between 0-4 traps set.

(0)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 0 traps, they are *defenseless*, kill them!
(1)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 1 trap, they will either have a quantum fire wall set or one of the kill protecting traps. They will either be free to kill, hack or both. So choose wisely or just kill raid hack.
(2)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 2 traps it's tough to call. Pay attention to their action count and comms. If you see a comm that says "blue" recently on the ship then they most likely don't have another quantum fire wall set yet. You can use a spy probe resources which allows you to view the ships available mineral, artifact and research productions. This allows you to figure out if they have been on recently or not.
(3)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 3 traps: at low ranks this is usually a krionus trap, an omicron trap, and a quantum firewall trap. At higher ranks some stop using omicrons so it is more likely to be a halcyon instead of an omicron.
(4)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 4 traps they are most likely using a halcyon, krionus, omicron, and quantum firewall. It is up to you whether you want to hit them or not.
(5-7)If you use a trap probe and the ship has 5-7 traps on a halc is probably one of them.

If you do set off a halcyon, great! You won't get a kill (duh), but in two hours the halcyon aura that prevents them from being killed will expire! In two hours you can come back and kill them, and anyone else who's trap you set off!

PAY ATTENTION to action counts and comms! It will help you tell what traps a ship could be running. If a ship has been disabled recently they have most likely reset their traps, while if a ship has been hacked recently they have most likely not reset a quantum firewall.

It is also important to pay attention to ships active effects. If they used an ancient crystal foci 5 mins ago, they are probably on and attacking them would not be advisable, as they could defend. I have still managed to kill people who are on by just using speed and surprise. Also consider a ships death count.

Avoiding Alerts
If you pvp a lot, you should considering posting on your victims comms. You can only get a badge from a ship every 12 hours, so hitting more than every 12 hours does you nothing, and you may piss off some people. To clarify you can disable someone and get a red, and hack or raid the person inside of 12 hours and still get a blue or yellow badge.

Conserving Null Fuses and PVPing in Groups
If you want to conserve null fuses, I would recommend pvping using the strategies above and stopping as soon as you hit both a krionus and a quantum. This gets you a blue badge and the trap expires in 2 hours to repeat. Save a tab of the ship you hit and in 30 minutes come back and kill them. You may give other people free kills this way or set off a halc. Consider pvping with a similar rank similar scan friend (so you see the same ships). Target the same ship and attack. One of you will set of the krionus and have to use a null, and the other won't, and most likely get the kill. Then both of you get to raid, hacking is up to both of you. I have never done this, but I have seen others do so successfully. In theory you and 5 of your buds could kill anyone in your rank range with ease......

PVPing Alone
If you pvp alone, there are artis to help you kill ships. If you see a ship has lots of buffs on with little time remaining, you can use a containment missle to debuff them and make them easier to kill. You can also use emps to lower a ships defense by 10% each use. The three artis you may want to use would be EMP Spheres, Postitron Clouders, and Quantum Flares. I would not use disarming bombs while pvping. Do this wisely as the four debuffing artis () lower your time manipulator cap. After a combined total of 100 disables, raids, or hacks you can no longer use time manipulators. Those 4 artifacts lower your time manipulator cap by 1 each time one is used. Debuffing someone may get you alerted or upset the person for whatever reason, but that is the risk you take.

Maximizing Badges
If you want to get as many badges as possible, it is important that you PVP everyday. Every time before you get off pvp like the conserve null fuses section. Worst case scenario you get no kills and 1 hack. Best case scenario you get a few kills and hacks, without having to use any null fuses.

Changing Scan
So you're a real killing machine, but you keep hitting the same people daily. Or you have run out of good ships to kill. Finding more targets is as simple as increasing or decreasing your scan. Some people change their scan instead of bumping. I'm not talking adding 50 scan, you will probably need a change of a couple hundred to view people with different cloak ranges. I personally keep a set of X Manifold Dector Mark IIIs in my ship so I can increase my scan by about 600 each time I install one. This allows me to view ships at 6+ different ranges with ease. ~400, ~1000, ~1600, ~2200, ~2800, ~3400. And higher if I add other modules or use scan boosting artifacts.

My Ship
Right now I am rank 609 with 948 cloak and never use halcyons, I do not care if you badge me. I have a decent amount of hull + shields but am often too lazy to reinstall defense mods or set traps, with 2000 decks this makes me a pretty easy target. Come get me!

Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:32 pm
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Post Re: PVP For Dummies!
ShadowsPoison wrote:
I am going to add/edit this please give me some constructive criticism! I want to know if I am a bozo or not.

Choosing a Target
Attacking any ship once will bump the ship from the 10 ships you are viewing, even if the ship is under the effects of a halcyon aura or calming amplifier. You can't do any damage to these people but it doesn't cost any damage to bump pacified players.

'bumping' only works if you are a member of a legion.

otherwise, a decent guide. but i would list all the traps available, and be clear about how to counter each one. also, gemini cannons should be mentioned as they bypass the attacker's damage cap.

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Fri Aug 15, 2014 7:30 pm
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Post Re: PVP For Dummies!
all the traps are useless unless they impact the ability to kill someone. IE Halc, or krio and no null.
thetacron - what a waste, and why does anyone do this mission?
gammacron - oh no, an extra repair nano at most

Fri Aug 15, 2014 7:38 pm

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Post Re: PVP For Dummies!
Honestly, gammacron traps are for the amusement. Its best used when your online defending. Just pretend your offline, and after a while, pop a gammacron and watch them disable themselves. Its hilarious

Thetacrons are required for an LM. Its an easy task, thats why people do it. Sometimes people screw up and end up with spares. Might as well use them

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Post Re: PVP For Dummies!
Decent post, i would add cm'ing people for easier kills may get you some extra 'love' on alerts. Granted you said you don't mind getting killed, so no worries. If you really don't worry, use krio torpedos as well. Save working thru shields.

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