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 Getting back into the game. Where do I go from here? 
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Post Getting back into the game. Where do I go from here?
After having stopped activly playing GL for about 2 years I have decided to get back into it and was wondering where I should head to improve my ship. By activly I mean that I still logged in every 1-20 days and collected resources. Let me know if there is anything which I forgot to include but here we go. P.s. I think I was working towards Dark Bots but I can't quite remember.

My current stats:

Rank 498 (Taltherian Excavator)
679 Decks
65960 Cargo
6324 Engineers
6324 Tactical Officers
6324 Helmsmen
7136 Scientists
Total Medal Points Awarded: 570 of 2905 (Close to getting 50 more for rank 500 and I get 75 for the 4 year bonus tomorrow)
Days Played: 1459

Player Kills Etc.:
Player Kills: 766
Deaths from Players: 731
Non-Player Kills: 13792
Successful Hacks: 318
Successful Raids: 620
Missions Completed: 572
Scans Performed: 6223
Planets Occupied: 66

Minerals: 6705 units / hour
Artifacts: 8445 points / hour
Research: 12618 research / hour

Credits: 253.1B
Relic Badges: 13
Political Favor: 73
Exotic Matter: 829939
Zolazin Debris: 53
Complex Tech Parts: 23404
Red Badges: 9
Blue Badges: 100
Yellow Badges: 353
Green Badges: 28
Silver Badges: 68
Dark Badges: 356

Weapons: Finished
Energy: Finished
Shields: Finished
Cloaking: Finished
Hull: Finished
Defence: Finished
Sensors: Finished
Planetary Construction: Topopolis Rings (Remaining: 1622184)
Base: Universal Maintenance (Remaining: 4613421)

Unbuffed Stats:
678 / 679 Decks
6669 Attack
10295 Defence
28119 Hull
8623 Shield
2.6B Upkeep

Installed Modules (not including permanant):

Velox Thruster x 3
Auto-Evasion Node x 1
Dark Phase Engine x 3
Quantum Overlay Engine - Mark III x 2

Kalvium Fortified Plating x 2
Korteth Plating x 2
Perfect Syncopated Plating x 5
Protean Armory x 3
Scythe Plating x 1
Stryll Confinement Chamber x 4



Merged DataNode (500%)


Anubix, AI Assault Drone (Rank 100)
Apparitious II, Bane Familiar (Rank 6)
Solynia, Technician Elite (Rank 1)

Mon Sep 05, 2016 9:27 am
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Post Re: Getting back into the game. Where do I go from here?
I think there's a rank requirement for the 4-year medal.

Are you in a legion? If not, I'd try to find an active legion, and could see what they need. Legion missions are fun but energy-intensive, we are about to hit nearly-non-stop seasonals for the rest of the year so it'll be a good time to go NPCing, and there are quite a few good mission chain rewards depending on what you want to do.

--------------- GD: A good legion for collecting relic badges ---------------

Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:54 am

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Post Re: Getting back into the game. Where do I go from here?
We have room at Children of Gods cmon over


Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:21 am
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