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 Cyclopean lens upgrade maths wrong 
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Post Cyclopean lens upgrade maths wrong
The cyclopean lens upgrade displays text that doesn't match what it does

It states 'Upgrades a Cyclopean Lens on your ship to a Cyclopean Lens II,
increasing its attack by 150, and boosting its ability bonus
amount by 50%'

The actual upgraded lens ability is 'Cyclopean Lens II
Increases attack by 2% for each 1500 decks (unbuffed - rounded up) up to a max of 16%.'

The way the ability is doing this is not how its described. On the original ability 2% came from 2000 decks, while on this one 2% is from 1500 decks. 1500/2000 = 0.75, the required amount of decks has been reduced by 25% by this increase in the ability. Hence the boost in the ability is 1/0.75 = 1.333333 . The ability has been increased by a 33%, not 50%

You can see this even easier by comparing the two buffs at 3k decks. Under the old it would be 3%, under the new, 4%. 4/3 = 1.333, you get 33% more buff under the new lens.

for a 50% improved ability, 2% would go from 2000 to 1333 decks (1333 *1.5 = 2000), so it would become 'Increases attack by 2% for every 1333 decks (unbuffed - rouned up)

This way still isn't ideal though as it leaves people short changed in certain brackets. For instance, a 1001-1332 deck build was getting 2% because of the round up before but would end up still on 2% because it now only rounds up for 1 set of 2% rather than giving 1 set of 1% for having 1k decks and another set of 1% for the round up for having more than 1k decks

A simpler way of doing it that ensures nobody ends that avoids people being short changed would be simply 'increases attack by 1.5% for every 1000 decks (unbuffed rounded up) up to a max of 15%' and round up the percentage it gives if you want to avoid buffs having decimal points.

This way would ensure that the lens always provides a 50% buff or better compared to the base lens depending on the rounding, bringing it into line with what the upgrade people bought claimed to be

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