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 Improved Mind Influence... 
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Post Improved Mind Influence... basically useless. It's a novelty that makes enemies like DCNs and Hives "bearable".

So what about changing it so that instead of enemies being completely immune to it, they are only partially immune; Improved Mind Influence will reduce an enemy's chance to activate an effect by an amount, say 50%.

It'd give Genetarr some sort of play, and it makes Balthions and Hybrid Clusters much less daunting when they're not behaving.

Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:30 pm

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Post Re: Improved Mind Influence...
Grivvs and Krows...

Also, already suggested.... over 4 years ago, probably better.

ODragon wrote:
The Genetarr alliance asked me to post the following:

Almost all of the newer NPCs are immune to Improved Mind Influence essentially making Genetarr a useless race. Allow me to give some suggestions that will make them useful but not ruin what you are doing.

For NPCs:

1) Enemy Ability: IMI Shielded
-While shields are up, NPC is immune to IMI.

2) Each targetable area would require its own IMI, each with the ability to be immune to IMI.
-Current Cosmiren could have the Elios Pulsar be immune to IMI but the Cannon would not be.
-Because of how the Silthion Hybrid Cluster works, it makes sense that the Engulfing Swarm would be immune to IMI but also makes sense that the Hive Frenzy might be susceptible to IMI.

2b) If something is not immune, it could be IMI resistant.
-Current Cosmiren could have the Elios Pulsar be resistant so whatever the proc rate is set for, it would be half if IMI were on it.
-Lazuli Carrier seems like something that shouldn't be immune but resistant. IMI reducing the proc rate of the healing NPC would make sense.

3) Extra susceptible to IMI.
-An NPC might actually be extra weak to Mind Influence; maybe instead of just deproc'ing/debuffing attack, it also had a small influence on their defense.
(bad example cause I can't think of a good one. IMI on Stryll Assassin, proc = Blinded by the Hunt, removes 10% defense in addition to 50% attack).

Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:57 pm
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