'Restructuring' the Council

Mission Briefing

Perfect. We will use the Fornyis as a decoy. I can bring down the defense grids but they won't stay that way for long. When I give the signal, we will need to move fast and engage the Station head on. Its a longshot, but we can do it.

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of previous mission. Rank - ?
Un-gray Requirements: High Battle Experience , ship not disabled
Per Round Requirements: Energy 90
Per Round Rewards: 220 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Battle with Terran Outsider Council Station
Per Round Risks: Potential for defense grid retaliation (high damage)

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 90 energy
Rewards: 220 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.44
  • 25 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 2,250 energy
Rewards: 5,500 XP, 1 battle with T.O. Council Station
  • 5 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 11,250 energy
Rewards: 27,500 XP, 5 battles with the T.O. Council Station

Terrain Outsiders Mission Chain: #4 of 8
Previous Mission: Finding the Fornyis Twins

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