Dark Pursuit

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Enigmatic Destruction Dark Pursuit The Lutuma Report

The Lutuma Chronicles Chapter Two

Scan analysis has revealed that an unknown culprit has been using nanoshearing drills on remote planets. Though it may be possible to directly intercept the ships involved, leaders hope to learn more about their motives through covert use of Shadow-barb devices.

Mission Briefing

We've finished compiling the nanosheared scan data. It revealed a great deal about the weapon used and the targets themselves. The number of sites continues to grow, but it revealed patterns that we can act on now.

There is still more analysis to do, but we have a lot to work with.
Did you determine the purpose of the attacks ?

Well, these aren't really attacks at all. This "weapon" is more of a drill, intended to extract something from the core of these planets.
So, they are mining ships ?

Doubtful from the precision of the targets. The nanoshearing process appears to be tuned so that the weapon does not damage an area of specific depth and pressure.
You mentioned patterns in the data. Were you referring to the drill sites ?

Indeed. Our culprit is choosing targets along a few distinct paths. There doesn't appear to be a point of convergence, but the directions are still predictable.
If that's the case, we should be able to intercept them.

Perhaps, yes. Given the circumstances, however, we should proceed discreetly. We still know very little about them... or their motives. Espionage at this stage is preferred.
It still may be risky trying to avoid detection.

Their ships have been avoiding us already. Shadow-barbs would work best for this scenario.
Shadow-barbs ?

Tiny cloaked transmitters that latch onto a ship's hull. Should be undetectable. We've programmed them to respond to the weapon's energy signature.
I didn't think such devices were functional if the ship's shields were up.

They aren't, but with the weapon's power requirements, and the ship's assumed safe location, it's highly likely that their shields would be on standby.
Alright. I assume you are going to send us the equipment ?

There hasn't been any time to build them. Fortunately, the devices were designed so that you could construct them on-demand during your mission... with available tech parts.
We'll need the necessary instructions.

They have already been sent, which includes programming and an initial set of modulation codes.
What is the ideal place to deploy them ?

Planetary orbit. When you deploy one, its paired tracking link will then be available to use.
And I should return the linkset once I'm finished ?

Yes. Once we have them, we'll be ready to respond to any data that may be relayed once the traps are set.
Anything else ?

You'll need to remodulate the programming codes once in a while. Just return here if you do and we'll assist.
Sounds good. We'll be as discreet as possible when setting them.

End Transmission

  • NOTE: you must click through the mission briefing dialogue (at least once every 40 hours) in order to remodulate the shadow-barbs.
  • Additional Mission Note: You must use your new 'Shadow-Barb Deployment' ability on unoccupied planets to acquire Shadow-Barb Links.

Ability: Shadow-Barb Deployment Releases modulated Shadow-Barbs near the planet - creating a Shadow-Barb Link. Planet must be unoccupied, and not an existing Nanosheared Drilling Site. Requires 50 CTP. Cooldown Timer: 2 Minutes. Shadow-Barb effect duration: 40 hours.

"You acquire a Shadow-Barb Link Artifact" (on valid targets).

"Not a valid target. The planet must be unoccupied, and NOT an existing Nanosheared Drilling Site or Shadow-Barbs deployment." (on invalid targets).

"You deploy the Shadow-Barbs." (shadow-barb effect placed on valid target planet, but no Shadow-Barb Link artifact is added to cargo). Re-visit the mission briefing in order to re-modulate the Shadow-Barb ability in order to resume dropping the mission-required arti.

Becomes Available Upon: Originally Timed Mission for May 2015, Archived August 2015
Un-gray Requirements: Rank 400 (Rank 50 on original release)
Per Round Requirements: 400 Energy, 1 Shadow-Barb Link (50 ctp)
Per Round Rewards: 400 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 NSX Tracking Matrix
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 400 Energy, 1 Shadow-Barb Link (50 ctp)
Rewards: 400 XP
XP Return Ratio: 1.00
  • 20 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 8,000 Energy, 20 Shadow-Barb Link (1000 ctp)
Rewards: 8,000 XP, 1 NSX Tracking Matrix
  • 10 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 80,000 Energy, 200 Shadow-Barb Link (10,000 ctp)
Rewards: 80,000 XP, 10 NSX Tracking Matrix (fully upgraded)
  • This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours.

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Enigmatic Destruction Dark Pursuit The Lutuma Report

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