Exotica (Planet ID 17093) is Very Large Exotic Planet that has unique properties - it is not sharable with your legion and is immune to artifacts. The planet's location is revealed upon completion of the mission Ruler of Exotica.

  • Mining - 11X Mega Rich
  • Artifact - 9X Mega Rich
  • Research - 10X Mega Rich

As of 28aug2012, several changes were made to Exotica:

  • Exotica can no longer be abandoned.
  • You may only invade Exotica if you are a loyal member of a legion.
  • Halcyon Trap, Halcyon Aura, and Calming Amplifier effects are automatically removed from guards when targeted from Exotica.
  • Disable actions left are ignored on guards when targeted from Exotica.
  • You may not guard Exotica if you were disabled by a player in the last hour.
  • You may not invade Exotica if you have already completed the ‘King of the Hill 2.0’ medal.
  • The appropriate guards will automatically be removed from Planets (including Exotica) when players leave a legion.
  • The contested stacking debuff on Exotica has increased from -5% per day, to -20% per day.
  • Grants the ability Exotica's Influence - adds to base production: 1% + 1% for each 24 hours (down from 4 hours) that the planet has been controlled (up to a max of 10%). (In actual fact, it appears to go from 3% after 8 hours, 9% after 24 hours, etc...so the actual bonus is better than claimed by the ability.)

Note 1: There is only ONE planet in the whole game called Exotica - and everyone gains access to the exact same planet. Right now it is most likely owned by a high level player in one of the top legions, and since the advent of medal system (including one for defending this planet for 8 hours), ownership has been hotly contested.

Required for: King of the Hill 2.0 medal, which rewards the Exotic Bio-Disruptor 2.0.

Note 2: It is perfectly possible to make a planet with significantly better resource output than Exotica through certain other missions and the use of artifacts. These planets may not have the unique properties of Exotica, but they can also have unique properties of their own.

Note 3: Galactic archaeologists have discovered that the planet was originally known as Upsilon Fornacis VIII, but any further information about its history is lost to the mists of time.

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