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Patches and Updates - August
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Author:  webguydan [ Sat Aug 27, 2016 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Patches and Updates - August

In-Game Friends:

With this update, we are finally replacing the deprecated Facebook-synched friends feature with in-game friends. Friend interactions remain the same (trading, etc), but are requested from within the game rather than relying on Facebook. Due to this change, you will need to request friends from within the game again, even if you were friends before this feature. Friends are easy to find with this update, with both 'Suggested Friends' and 'Search Player' sections.

Player Blocking:

We continually get a variety of complaints and feedback regarding player "bullying", and have decided to leave it up to the players to make decisions on who they would like to continue to play with… or not. We understand that although this is a game that involves player-vs-player battles, some interactions can be taken very personally, which can affect the enjoyment of the game as whole.

Players will now be able to block other ships from interacting with theirs, and vice versa. In order to prevent abuse, blocks have the following restrictions (subject to change):

* Blocks last for exactly one month (cannot be canceled during this time), though they can be renewed.
* The requesting player must not have initiated any offensive actions against the player they wish to block in the last 24 hours, AND
* The requesting player must have at least 10 offensive actions from the player they wish to block in the last 24 hours, OR 30 actions in a 7-day period.
* Players are limited to a maximum of 5 players blocked at any given time. To block another, one will have to expire first.

We hope that this change will help some players make better choices about how they interact with others, and foster an environment of greater respect despite the PVP nature of the game.

Note that comm blocking remains the same as before (ie - you can block a comm without blocking the entire player).

Players can manage friends and blocks in the updated 'Friends and Blocks' area of the Legion Tab. This replaces the older 'Blocked Players' area in ship settings.

Facebook Invites:

The game will now track other players you invite from outside of the game via Facebook, making it easier to find them, friend them, etc. You'll see a list of your invited friends and their status in the new Friends tab of the 'Friends and Blocks' area. We have also started to offer incentives for these invites - see some of the new medals for reference.

Note that friends you have invited prior to this release will unfortunately not be tracked or credited in this way. Only friends invited via the 'Invite more Friends to Play' area are tracked.

Author:  webguydan [ Sun Aug 28, 2016 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Patches and Updates - August

A quick update regarding the Chuhn - unlike the previous year(s), the Chuhn will be emerging shortly after Labor day. Enjoy the holiday!

Author:  webguydan [ Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Patches and Updates - August

The following Legion Mission NPCs have had their spawn rates increased:

Cobalt Speeder, Darmos Champion's Drone, Bralkir Warship, Silthion Exodrone

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