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 New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal 
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Post New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal
Okay, have been mulling this over for the past week. Currently if you want the Eureka medal you have to have an undiscovered design in the CTL. So unless a new design is added, you either need to find a legion that still needs discoveries, or you need to create a new legion and build the base until you can get the CTL. There are enough low level and abandoned bases floating out there that we really don't need any more. You also lose loyalty and have to wait a week in a new legion before using the CTL (in which the last discovery could be made and you lose out) as well as a week when you return to your original legion.

So here's what I propose...

When all the discoveries have been made, for those that do not have the Eureka medal a research button would be available so you could still attempt a new discovery at whatever the going research cost is for the next discovery. The chance of discovery would be the same as what the next real discovery would be. The current message about no discoveries available would still need to be present, and it needs to be stated that this is only for the Eureka medal, such as simulated research. If successful you get the Eureka medal and will no longer be able to see the research button. In all ways it functions just as the normal discovery attempt only you get no discovery added to the CTL. Perhaps the message could indicate the simulated research was successful/unsuccessful.

This provides a method of obtaining the Eureka medal without having to leave your legion. Nor would another legion need to be created along with a new base whose ultimate fate would be to be left abandoned and floating about space creating another hazard for those trying to lock a base.

Research points spent this way could also be applied towards the In Your Infinite Wisdom medal since research points are being spent and it would apply if a real discovery were being attempted.

Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:58 pm

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Post Re: New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal
Interesting idea. Don't overlook the opportunity to help out a smaller legion, which can be as meaningful to that legion as the Eureka medal is to you. We got a high ranked player because we still had discoveries to be made, back when we were looking for the Polaron Emitter. He helped me a lot and gave the decent, but not VM 20x planets he was dumping to our lower ranked members.

He said he'd stay until we got the last discovery (the Polaron), but ended up staying with us even after that.


Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:37 pm
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Post Re: New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal
have to say that i am opposed to this idea. anyone who has been playing for years who only wants to work on the Eureka or Wisdom medals now doesn't deserve any extra help from Dan. there are quite a few legions that were started for players to work on those medals .. some have continued to carry on like The Exterminators .. others like Zeta Hercules not so much. but they all accomplished their main goal .. to help their members get those medals.

anyone new who wants those medals, should be willing to switch around legions to go for them. they have to do that for the Lone Conqueror medal, to transfer futbawl planets, to check to see if the grass is greener in another legion.

would be happy to see Dan add new ct.lab recipes for everyone .. but i expect that it will be another 3 years or so for the next batch.

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Sat Aug 15, 2020 6:04 am
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Post Re: New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal
Something that would help with the medal would be if the research used in Legion Missions counted.

Sat Aug 15, 2020 11:17 pm
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Post Re: New CTL Feature For Eureka Medal
Well, research in legion missions wouldn't help towards Eureka since you still need to make a discovery for that one, but I wouldn't mind seeing research used in legion missions count towards the leaderboards and the infinite wisdom medal.

I agree that the original post isn't really necessary though. I'd rather just see new CT Lab recipes added (and there are plenty of easy options that don't require much thought now that he's making mass-use arties) but if you want to get Eureka specifically, there's nothing wrong w/their being a cost to doing so. Namely, losing loyalty for at least a few weeks.

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Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:16 pm
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