Anti-Resistance Base Blueprints

Mission Reward Artifact

Unlocks the Anti-Resistance Base as a buildable structure.

Available from: The mission Attack on the Resistance.

Artifact Type: Planet structure
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use:
Artifact Effects:

Size: 3
Defense: 200
Cloak: 100

Artifact Limits: None
Number Available: Unlimited
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: ??
Image: Anti-Resistance Base


  • Activating the blueprints adds the structure to the standard planetary building list.
  • Each base costs 200,000 Credits and 5 Political Favor to build.
  • The researchable standard Cloaking and Defense planetary structures can surpass the Size to Defense/Cloaking ratio of this structure by quite a wide margin, and given the potential difficulty of getting the Political Favor needed to construct it this structure has very limited use.

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