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Daily Mission Briefing

Mission Image: eyechamber.jpg

Hoigra has spoken in great detail about you. I am Elharra. It feels strange being here... standing in an Eye Chamber designed by someone else. I spent so much time in ours... even returning to it on occasion, despite it's cold emptiness.

Mission Dialogue

Elharra: I thought I would never see the Eye again.
Do you miss glimpsing the visions?

Elharra: Yes, of course. I'll never forget my first. I saw a vivid explosion engulfing the Dryel square. We later discovered a series of malfunctioning power conduits in the tunnels. Many lives were saved.

Elharra: I knew from that day... that I was destined to use the Eye for great things, but as you also came to realize, the corruption was impossible to ignore.
What do you think the Great Elders want with us?

Elharra: I've spent my entire life trying to understand their motives, but we can only see a tiny piece of the larger picture.

Elharra: This is not the only Eye. There are others. Many others. I can't quite see them, but I sense their connection... like a network.
Where are they?

Elharra: Far - very very far. Unreachable by all accounts.
I spoke with the Great Elders briefly, but I'm afraid they didn't provide anything insightful.

Elharra: Hoigra mentioned that. Their intentions are more foreign to understand as any other entity we've come across. There are so many nuances and contradictions.
I can't tell if they are trying to help us or harm us.

Elharra: The Eye is a tool of control. As I said, the Great Elders have motives far more complex than simple malevolence... but for both of us, their intentions couldn't be more obvious.
They want us eliminated.

Elharra: I predict that the next vision will be one of betrayal. There has never been a greater threat to the Eye - multiple vectors of unpredictable outcomes... both of us in positions of power, and you in direct control of the chamber.
You are confident that you can alter this vision?

Elharra: With your help... I believe so.
My help?

Elharra: Yes. I will teach you. With our combined efforts, we will be able to accomplish something even greater... that I failed to do before.
What is that, exactly?

Elharra: I think we can alter control of the Eye itself... reverse the effect of corruption... forever.

Elharra: You've proven that the Great Elders can communicate through the Eye. I want to negotiate with them.
I don't think that's an option, Elharra.

Elharra: The Eye is a conduit that transfers information in both directions. What we see on our side, the visions, influences our behavior. Our actions and thoughts... all of it flows back through the Eye. They are listening.
But why would they speak to us? They want us dead.

Elharra: The two of us will be strong enough to intercept the Eye's energy. We can fight it. The Great Elders will have no other choice. I was close before... so close.
The Eye could retreat to the Kassivar.

Elharra: Perhaps... but I don't think it will.
What does Hoigra think about this?

Elharra: My son is the finest leader Oruas has had in generations, but there are things about the Eye he simply cannot understand. His wish to destroy the Eye is noble, but it is futile.
With our powers, wouldn't we have the means to do so?

Elharra: We'll never be fast enough to prevent the Eye from seeing its own destruction before we can alter it. This plan is a better way. If we can reach the Great Elders, everything will change.
I'm willing to try. When do we start training?

Elharra: Immediately. The next vision could arrive at any time.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the mission Hoigra's Disclosure.
Un-gray Requirements: 4000 Decks. (Sillixx bonus opens mission at 3636 decks according to this forum post).
Per Round Requirements: 800 Energy, 15 Complex Tech Parts
Per Round Rewards: 50 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Tri-Ocular Inhibitor

Per Round Risks: Corruption Penalty: If this mission is NOT on cooldown during your next upkeep, your ship takes a -80% attack bonus for 20 hours. This effect will be removed the next time you complete this mission.

  • "You notice the Oruas Eye gazing back at you..." Oruas Eye: Punishing Gaze : Attack -80% Duration: 20 hours.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 800 Energy, 15 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 50 XP
XP Return Ratio: 0.0833
  • 20 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 16,000 Energy, 300 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 1,000 XP, 1 Tri-Ocular Inhibitor
  • 40 Completions / Finish
Requirements: 640,000 Energy, 12,000 Complex Tech Parts
Rewards: 40,000 XP, 40 Tri-Ocular Inhibitors 1 Corrupted Schematics upon full completion.

This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and unlocks a new mission after 40 completions.

  • Tri-Ocular Inhibitor: [Planet Structure - Size 1: Mining: +4, Artifact: +1, Cloak: +10%]

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Hoigra's Disclosure Chamber of Lies The Great Plot

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