Hosting the Summit

Daily Mission Briefing


The Science Council is looking for a planet to host their periodic research summit gatherings. There are just a few small security preparations that are required. I'm sure there are a number of your colonies that would be appropriate for such an event.

Becomes Available Upon: Rank 50
Un-gray Requirements: Ship not disabled
Per Round Requirements: Energy 50, 1 Shield Sentries
Per Round Rewards: 110 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Science Summit Contract
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 50 Energy, 1 Shield Sentries
Rewards: 110 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.2
  • 10 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 500 Energy, 10 Shield Sentries
Rewards: 1,100 XP, 1 Science Summit Contract
This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and it does not count towards completed missions credit.

Previous Mission: None
Next Mission: None

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