Imminent Conflict

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Surgical Precision Imminent Conflict The Voliir Arrival

Mission Briefing

Thank you for reviving me. I last remember fleeing from a group of Voliir captors. Though I managed to escape, there is no doubt that the damage I sustained will eventually lead to them to my current location. I do not wish to burden you further.

Mission Dialog

The Voliir are certainly on their way. I should take my leave - it would not be fair to involve you in our conflict.

>We have never encountered a living vessel such as yourself before. You are welcome to stay within our borders.

What you see of me now... this body... it is a modification... to serve the Voliir as a slave.

>The Voliir? Where those the crew we found inside you?

Yes. They discovered that I was... different. I was able to suppress their control. It was necessary for my own survival... I had to disable life support.

>Are there others like you?

Yes, a great number, but my race continues to breed and exist only to serve the Voliir. We function to bolster their existing fleet, even though many of their ships are of standard design.

>That sounds extreme.

It has been like this for countless generations. The Voliir do not question the ethics of the matter - we are simply tools for purpose.

>Your race deserves to be free. We can help.

As I said, involving your people in this conflict would be a mistake. You could be risking war with the Voliir, and you may be forced to kill others of my kind.

>We have fought against criminal empires before. We can face another.

I am still extremely weak. If I am to stay, it would be wise to keep my exact location hidden. I also require a solid place to land and feed while I regenerate.

>Understood. We will work on finding you an appropriate location.


Becomes Available Upon: Completion of Surgical Precision
Un-gray Requirements:  ?
Per Round Requirements: 35 Energy
Per Round Rewards: 75 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Bioship Landing Platform
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 35 Energy
Rewards: 75 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.14
  • 50 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 1,750 Energy
Rewards: 3,750 XP, 1 Bioship Landing Platform
  • 10 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 17,500 Energy
Rewards: 37,500 XP, 10 Bioship Landing Platforms

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Surgical Precision Imminent Conflict The Voliir Arrival

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