Kriell, Tejiar Commander

tejiarship.png Kriell, Tejiar Commander is an ally that becomes available in the Raix Market that appears once you complete The Tejiar Reformation daily mission for the first time.

Once a member of the Tej-Brask, Kriell now works for a unified Tejiar. (scrap value 7 to 13 ctp)

When this ally is first hired it starts at rank 1 and has a max rank of 100. To rank this ally, you must complete The Tejiar Reformation daily mission. Each time this ally ranks up, this ally will provide a (2%*rank) bonus to all existing stats.

Upkeep for Kriell begins at 2.45 billion Credits at rank 1 and rises 2% with each rank, so a rank 100 Kriell will cost 7.301 billion in upkeep each day.

Initial Stats

Rank 1: Attack +120 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 1: Energy +70 (Before Rank Bonus)

Unlockable Stats

Rank 30: Cloak +70 (Before Rank Bonus)

Rank 60: All Playerattack +5% (NO Rank Bonus)

Rank 100: Raix Focus Ability: Resets the timer on the most recently completed Daily Mission. Costs 1 Raix to use. Each use of the ability costs ?? energy and requires a 20 hour cooldown before each use (can be used immediately at rank 100).

Bonus Type Rank 1 (+0% Bonus) Rank 30 (+58% Bonus) Rank 60 (+118% Bonus) Rank 100 (+198% Bonus)
Attack 120 189.6 261.6 357.6
Energy 70 110.6 152.6 208.6
Cloak NONE 110.6 152.6 208.6
Playerattack NONE NONE +5% +5%
Raix Focus Ability NONE NONE NONE Raix Focus

NOTE: Due to the fact that the Ally starts at Rank 1 without a 2% bonus, the Ally only reaches 198% bonus at rank 100

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