Lutuma Extractor

Daily Mission NPC


Although its drill was clearly not designed as a weapon, the ship is able to redirect a lower-powered version of the beam to cause considerable damage to attacking ships.

  • Standard Special
  • 07dec2016: NPCs that spawn as a result of daily missions WILL NO LONGER SPAWN while the mission is on cooldown.

Rank: 100
Shields: 1,000
Hull: : 9,000
Abilities: Abilities Extractor Drill (Will sometimes fire its Extractor Drill dealing massive damage to your ship.) (60% of total hull + shield)
Attack: 500
Defense: 800
Cloak: 100
Reward on Kill: None
Expires: One hour
Experience on Kill: 23

Max DMG you can deal: 250
Minimum Shots to Kill: 36
Best Possible XP/Energy Ratio: 0.63

This NPC has a targetable area. Click the reticule on the ships Extractor Drill before attacking in order to disable its ability to use its cannons

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