Planetary Events and Effects

Planets may experience occasional events that affect their stats or production. Events occur under the following conditions:

  • Randomly - some planets will experience events randomly. Most of these effects are temporary, but some are permanent. The chances of a random effect occurring is increased if your Profession is a Governor.
  • Invasion - a successful invasion may trigger a beneficial or negative event. These effects are always temporary.
  • Colonization - colonizing a planet may trigger beneficial events. These effects are temporary.
  • Artifact Inducement - using certain artifacts may allow you to trigger beneficial events on certain planets. Most of these effects are temporary, some are permanent.


Permanent Events

Permanent Artifact-Induced Events

These events are induced by artifacts rewarded from mission or legion mission completions and the planet they occur on can be chosen by the player.

Image Name Effect
aerlenfavor.gif Aerlen Patronage Production 1% + 1 to 5%
crimintel.png Crimson Intelligence Attack +25%
dtactics.gif Diversionary Tactics Defense +35%
cessence.gif Essence of the Arbilon Production +4%, upgradeable to 7%
pambassador.gif Prismoda Ambassador Production +6%
st5data.png T5 Analysis Data Production +1% OR Research +4%
tradeouti.png Trade Outpost Intelligence Production +4%

Permanent Invasion Events

These events have a chance of occurring when a planet is successfully invaded.

Name Effect Image
Building Destruction Destroys one random building on the planet N/A

Permanent Random Events

These events have a chance to happen randomly each day when your upkeep is due or when you colonize a planet.

Image Name Effect
lush.jpg Lush Biosphere +200% population
pshield3.png Reactive Barrier Enemy Artifact/Ability Immunity
pshield4.png Stealth Screen +30% cloak
caverns.jpg Subterranean Caverns +30% defense
archotage.jpg Archotage Power Grid +1% to all production

  • Note: Archotage Power Grid only available during Harvest seasonal event each November - "Planetname reports that an Archotage Power Grid was being used on the planet by the Terran Outsiders!"

Planetary Analysis

A new planet action called ‘Analyze’ is available for some planets. An indicator icon in the planet list will show which planets (if any) have something to analyze. Performing a successful analysis unlocks a beneficial effect that is permanent. Players will be notified automatically during random events when planets have something available to analyze. Planet Analysis can also be artifact-induced via a Reality Transfuser, but it can NOT be used on a planet that already has an analyzable effect.

Image Name Effect
civil3.jpg Advanced Civilization Ruins1 +20% artifact production
moon3.png Background Moon

moon4.png Forefront Moon

Large Moons +20% planet space


Planetary Rings +20% to all production
moon3.png Small Moon +10% planet space
pshield3.png Reactive Barrier2 Enemy Artifact/Ability Immunity

1It is not possible to get this effect on Barren, Chthonian, Demon, Gas, Plasma, Sentient, or Volcanic planets.
2This effect is added in the mix of possible outcomes when using a reality transfuser for Sentient and Ecumenopolis planets only. All other planet types have only the first four effects as possible outcomes when using a reality transfuser. Because of this effect being a possibility on Sentient planets, it is recommended that a Reality Transfuser be used BEFORE the planet is transformed into a Sentient planet as even a small moon would be preferable to this effect. When gaining a Reactive barrier effect, a message will read saying "Planetary Analysis Success! The planet reports that a massive barrier emerged around the atmosphere, powered by the planet itself. The planet is now immune to all artifacts and abilities used by enemies."

  • NOTE: If a Sentient planet has Stealth Screen, it will not be possible for it to get Reactive Barrier when transfused and will have a chance to get one of the other 3 effects.

Temporary Events

Enemy Blockades

When this occurs, a non-player enemy will arrive and surround the planet, producing a production loss. This negative effect will remain until the NPC is disabled, and there is no expiry timer for the NPC. The NPC can be targeted either via the Battle tab or via the planet itself (click on the npc image). These blockade NPCs *will* be removed with the use of a tactical remodulation if they have not already been alerted.

After the NPC has been disabled, make sure to return to the planet's production screen to remove the blockade effect. Invading an enemy planet with an entity blockade will cause the entity to flee without dropping anything for the invader. A forum topic has been created to gather information about which specific planet types can be blockaded.

Image Name Known to Blockade Effect
phydra.png Akulan Entity aphotic, barren, crystal, demon, desert, exotic, gas, icy, irradiated, oceanic, prismatic, toxic, volcanic -60% to all production
allovore.png Allovore Entity dyson, ecumenopolis, metallic -60% to all production
vcloud6.gif Chaotic ArcRift Entity rift -60% to all production
kulgox.png Kulgox Entity barren, chthonian, crystal, desert, exotic, gas, icy, metallic, oceanic, prismatic, toxic, volcanic -60% to all production
toblock2.png T.O. HyperSeeker gaia, terra -60% to all production
scruugeblock.png Scruuge Hijacker* crystal, desert, exotic, gaia, icy, irradiated, metallic, plasma, toxic -60% to all production
  • NOTE: Scruuge Hijackers only appear during the Scruuge seasonal event in December, but other than a 24-hour expiration timer, behave like the other blockading NPC entities.

Temporary Artifact-Induced Events

These events are induced by artifacts rewarded from daily mission completions and the planet they occur on can be chosen by the player. They last for two days.

Image Name Effect
klpad.png Klorvis Supply Conduit +30% to all production
summitcont.png Regional Science Summit +25% research production

Temporary Invasion Events

These events have a chance of occurring when a planet is successfully invaded. They last for one week.

Image Name Effect
banecoerce.jpg Bane Coercion +10% production
destroyed.jpg Devastated Landscape +100% build costs
enslaved2.jpg Enslaved Prisoners -50% to build cost (half cost in credits AND minerals)
flash1.png Insurgent Uprising -50% to total defenses
  • There is also an Improved Invasion effect that gives a 50% planetary production bonus for 2 days after every successful invasion if you have acquired The Lone Conqueror medal.

Temporary Production Events

These events have a chance to happen randomly each day when your upkeep is due or when you first colonize a planet. They last for a week.

Image Name Effect
ruins1.jpg Ancient Relics +10% artifact production
tradehub.jpg Galactic Trade Hub +10% to all production
underwater.jpg Lost Undersea Archive +30% research production
dcore.jpg Pure Deposits +10% mining production
udcore.jpg Ultra-Pure Deposits +20% mining production
lifeform.jpg Unique Lifeforms +10% research production

Discontinued Events

These events were removed from the game after it was found that they did not function as intended. They had previously lasted for one week, but you can no longer have this event applied to a planet.

Images Name Effect




Flux Storm +50,000 cloak

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