QPP1-L05, Q-Pedd Prototype

Q-Pedds are experimental robotic "companions" that escaped due to a major software flaw in their affection algorithms. Their stolen science transport contains valuable equipment related to the Q-Pedd experiments.


These prototypes appear at random during the QPedd (seasonal event), starting in February of 2013.

  • Extremely Rare Experimental Transport
  • Top 3 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 300 - 5000

Rank: 500
Shields: None
Hull: 350,000
Abilities: Immune to Improved Mind Influence. Will sometimes disrupt attacking ships, lowering attack by 90% for 30 minutes. (Effect can be cleared with a Containment Cage.
Attack: 3,000
Defense: 19,000
Cloak: None
Rewards: A.I. Emotion Core, Q-Pedd Assembly Line XX (where XX changes each year) (Estimated drops 66%/33%) Expires: After 24 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

Note: This NPC CAN be used toward the Q-Pedd Obsession medal, however, you MUST be the one who makes the killing hit on it. Even if you were to hit 4th and make the killing blow, it is confirmed that it counts toward the medal.

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