Rogue Experimenter

The Rogue Science League have been in operation for many years. They have been selling trade secrets to our enemies at the highest bid. Experimenters test stolen technology on various subjects.

Rank: Matched
Shields: Scaled: 2.5*ROUND(SQRT(Rank*3600),-2)
Hull: Scaled: ROUND(SQRT(Rank*3600),-2)
Abilities: None
Attack: Scaled: 10*ROUND(Rank*3/5,0)-50
Defense: Scaled: 10*ROUND(Rank*3/5,0)-50
Cloak: None
Rewards: RSL Memory Implant, 250 RP
Expires: After 48 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 50

Max DMG you can deal: Scaled: Rank*2.5
Minimum Shots to Kill: Scaled: Roundup((Hull+Shields)/(Max DMG))
Best Possible XP/Energy Ratio: Scaled: (((Minimum Shots)*10)+(XP Earned on Kill))/((Minimum Shots)*5)

Rank Stats

Rank Shields Hull Attack Defense Cloak Max Dmg Min Shots XP Ratio
268 2500 1000 1560 1560 0  ?  ?  ?
412 3000 1200 2420 2420 0  ?  ?  ?
517 3500 1400 3050 3050 0  ?  ?  ?

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