Sabre Gunship


The Crimson Blades are a guild of common thieves, and operate throughout the galaxy. Sabres are heavily armed raiding vessels - a new addition to the Crimson Blades. Sabres prefer to ambush attack, as they are not as quick and agile as other ships their size.

Rank: Matched
Shields: None
Hull: Scaled: 250*(2+ROUND(Rank*3/100,0)-ROUNDUP((Rank-300)/75,0))
Abilities: None
Attack: Scaled: 14*ROUND(Rank*3/5,0)-50
Defense: Scaled: 8*ROUND(Rank*3/5,0)-50
Rewards: Chaostatic Inhibitor, 35 XP
Expires: After 24 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 35
Max DMG you can deal: Scaled: Rank*2.5
Minimum Shots to Kill: Scaled: Roundup((Hull+Shields)/(Max DMG))Rank
Best Possible XP/Energy Ratio: Scaled: (((Minimum Shots)*10)+(XP Earned on Kill))/((Minimum Shots)*5)

Rank Stats Table

Rank Shields Hull Attack Defense Max Dmg Min Shots XP Ratio
19 0 750 104 38 44 18 2.6
83 0 1250 650 350 208 7 2.6
210 0 2250 1714 958  ?  ?  ?
503 0 3250 4178 2366  ?  ?  ?

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