Terran-Stryll Interrogation Cell

Artifact: Terran-Stryll Interrogation Cell
Artifact Type: Structure
Artifact Target: Your Planet
Install Cost: Unknown
Install Limit: Unknown
Aquire From: Unknown
Aquire Cost: Unknown
Aquire Limit: 35
Activation Cost: None
Activation Period: Unknown
Activation Limit: Unknown
Sendable: No
Sharable: No
Scrapable: No N/A

Artifact Market

Structure: Terran-Stryll Interrogation Cell
Size 1
Structure Limit 1
Extractable No
Resource Production
Mining -
Artifact 1
Research 1
Attack -
Defense -
Population -
Invasion Defense -

Mission Reward Artifact

Installs a Terran-Stryll Interrogation Cell on your planet.

Available from: the mission Sileena's Signal. Artifact Type: Planet Structure
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in in energy to use: None
Artifact Effects:

Size: 1
Artifact: +1
Research: +1
Research: +6%

If this structure is built on a planet that has 5 or more T.O. and/or Stryll structures, the structure's bonuses double.

List of known T.O. Structures counting toward bonus:

List of known Stryll structures counting toward bonus:


Artifact Limit: 1 per planet
Number Available: 35
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: Can NOT be scrapped
Share: No
Send: No
Image: Image

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