The Aperture Principle

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Daily Mission Briefing

The last of the Alarri prisoners have vacated the compound. It seems you have the facility all to yourself now. The Alarri will return eventually, though. I hope the convicts gave you enough information to pursue the rest of this mystery.

Mission Dialog:

Trovar: What did they reveal about the pods?
They are weapons, just as you thought.

Trovar: What kind?
Remote detonation devices. The Alarri were performing tests.

Trovar: I knew it...From what I've heard from you, though, it sounds like their test failed.
Indeed. The technology is still in its infancy. The prisoners provided a crude overview of the design.

Trovar: So, the Alarri weren't really targeting your space... directly?
No. The pod's system are unable to create an aperture in any specific location.

Trovar: I've been tracing for a long time - I don't think such a technology could ever work. It is just not possible.
We need to be absolutely sure, Trovar. The Alarri might have reached a breakthrough that we have not.

Trovar: Did the prisoners indicate where the pods are being designed?
Sort of. There is a station somewhere at our outskirts of the Alarri main system...

Trovar: Well defended?
No, but it is highly cloaked.

Trovar: I've been analyzing some of the Comm Tower traffic since our arrival. If we modify some of our false readings, we should be able to contact that Station.
And locate them while the channel is opened?

Trovar: Yes. Of course, you could also just roam around Alarri space, scanning aimlessly.
I think your plan makes more sense.

Trovar: What do you intend to do with the station?
We'll have our engineers look at their data. They can confirm if this is something we should be worried about.

Trovar: As arms dealers, I can see why the Alarri are so keen on developing such a unique weapon, but my gut tells me their scientists are on a fools quest.
We'll soon have the answers we want. At the very last, they can no longer hide this from us.

Trovar: Certainly not.

End Transmission.

Mission Image: [1]

Becomes Available Upon: Completing the mission Breaching the Compound
Un-gray Requirements: None
Per Round Requirements: Energy 100, 1 EMP Sphere
Per Round Rewards: 205 XP
Per Completion Rewards: 1 Alarri Probability Core
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 EMP Sphere
Rewards: 205 XP
XP Return Ratio: 2.05
  • 40 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 4,000 Energy, 40 EMP Spheres
Rewards: 8,200 XP, 1 Alarri Probability Core
  • 11 Completion/Finish
Requirements: 44,000 Energy, 440 EMP Spheres
Rewards: 90,200 XP, 11 Alarri Probability Cores
This mission can only be completed once per day.

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Breaching the Compound The Aperture Principle A Trap for Ja'kell

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