The Crimson Bait

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The Raix Effect: Chapter 7

Krydul learns what the Crimson Blades were really after in their last assault: the raix weapon schematics. The Tej-Sheel plan to fool the Crimson Blades into acquiring false data for the weapon, in order to encourage them to betray the Tej-Brask for their raix.

Daily Mission Briefing

We've reviewed the research that we re-acquired, and the results look excellent. Though not quite ready, this is certainly the cure we've been looking for. Our plans now shift to a recent opportunity... with the Crimson Blades.

Mission Dialogue:

Krydul: I'm sure you are curious as to what it might be.
Of course. Is this a result of our attacks on the Cutlass ships?

Krydul: Yes. You see, when we retrieved the data from their ships, we acquired more than just the research.
Really... ?

Krydul: We pieced together a collection of their transmission logs. The Crimson Blades may actually be an asset for us in this war.
I highly doubt that, Krydul.

Krydul: Hear me out. Their alliance with the Tej-Brask is not as sincere as we thought. The Tej-Brask had ordered them to destroy the research during the assault.
But they didn't. They kept it. Why?

Krydul: The Blades misunderstood. They thought the research included designs and details on the raix weapon. Apparently, they want it very badly. Little do they know the difficulty in developing one.
So this is why they joined the war...

Krydul: They could care less about the Tej-Brask. They are just here to take the technology, and whatever raix is left. They know that they will need the Tej-Brask's supply, but what else they may know of the weapon... we are not sure.
Typical Crimson Blades.

Krydul: There's more. There are fragments of messages that suggest that the Blades were going to use their internal position to assault the primary Tej-Brask Raix Supply Matrix near the Capitol once they had the schematics.
But they won't now, they don't have the weapon designs.

Krydul: Not yet.
I don't follow...

Krydul: Their ships had queued orders to perform a follow-up attack on our research bases in Noirka. The attack will likely come soon.
You're saying that they will find the weapon designs they are looking for there?

Krydul: No. I'm saying we should *let* them find the designs. We want them to think their incursion was a success.
... And then the Crimson Blades will strike on the Raix Supply Matrix?

Krydul: Giving us a perfect chance to apply the cure, and take over the Capitol. The Tej-Brask would not be able to defend against a 3-pronged assault. It will be the perfect time to strike without risk of a counter-attack.
And how are you going to convince the Crimson Blades that they have the technology, while actually keeping it frrom them?

Krydul: We will make some key changes to the algorithms, and omit some error correction details. Without our engineers it will be unlikely that they could construct a weapon in that state.
The Crimson Blades are more than just pirates, Krydul. They are quite skilled with weapons.

Krydul: I assure you, they will not detect any sabotage in the data until it's too late.
It will be very important that the Crimson Blades don't suspect any tamperring or interception.

Krydul: I know. We can't send any additional ships to defend those research bases. I'm aware of that.
The bases will be lost. All of them. The Blades will not spare anyone.

Krydul: This is war, commander. We have made sacrifices before and we will continue to do so.
So, what would you like us to do ?

Krydul: The Crimson Blades are more likely to attack the bases if we can provoke them into another counter-attack...
You want us to assault another area? Somewhere with raix?

Krydul: No, not raix this time. There are a number of Tej-Brask refueling docks that we need to take out. When the final push comes, we need to limit their outside movements.
We'll get right on it. Send us the coordinates.

Krydul: I can see the end to this war. The path is clear. We are close.

End Transmission

Mission Image: Image

Becomes Available Upon: Rank 300 (originally Rank 100). Also requires 20 planets captured.
Un-gray Requirements: None ??
Per Round Requirements: Energy 190, 1 Drannik Saboteur
Per Round Rewards: 325 XP
Per Completion Rewards: Tej-Brask Refueling Depot
Per Round Risks: None

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 190 Energy, 1 Drannik Saboteur
Rewards: 325 XP
XP Return Ratio: 1.711
  • 40 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 7600 Energy, 40 Drannik Saboteur
Rewards: 13,000 XP, 1 Tej-Brask Refueling Depot.
  • 10 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 76,000 Energy, 400 Drannik Saboteur
Rewards: 130,000 XP, 10 Tej-Brask Refueling Depots

Tej-Brask Refueling Depot
[Planet Structure]: Size: 1, Mining: 4, Defense: 500, Limit: 1
Activated Ability (2 Charges): Fuel Transfer (+10%-30% planet mining bonus for 3 days)
scrap value: 1 to 2 ctp; Supports Raix Transformation. Charges: 2; not extractable from planet.

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