The Q-Pedd Catalyst

Daily Mission


Mission Dialogue

We believe we may have discovered a catalyst for the malfunctions the Q-Pedd's have been experiencing... hyperluminal radiation. Our expert on this planetary phenomenon, Dr. Grahr, will brief you.

Dr. Grahr: Thank you for coming.

Hello Dr. Grahr. What can you tell me about this update on the Q-Pedds?

Dr. Grahr: During this time of the cycle, gas giants begin to reflect amplified frequencies of hyperluminal noise. It affects a wide range of electronics... The Q-Pedds seem sensitive to it.

And this has been the reason behind their malfunctioning ?

Dr. Grahr: That's the growing theory.

So, we can fix them?

Dr. Grahr: If we can get closer readings of the noise from new scans, we should be able to alter future models with hyperluminal shielding... assuming this is the root cause.

What type of gas giants should we be scanning for?

Dr. Grahr: The red and purple varieties... coincidentally the same hues as the Q-Pedd design.

Very good. We'll see what we can find.

End Transmission.

Temp Mission Expires: Seasonal Mission for February 2015
Un-gray Requirements:  ??
Per Round Requirements: 100 Energy, 1 Hyperluminal Readings
Per Round Rewards: 150 XP

Per Completion Rewards: 1 Hyperluminal Satellite

Hyperluminal Satellite [Limited Item - February] Image
Planet Structure: Size 1, Research 3, Artifact 1, Cloak 200, Limit:1. Scrap value: 4 to 8 ctp.

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 100 Energy
Rewards: 150 XP
XP Return Ratio: 1.5000
  • 5 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 500 Energy
Rewards: 750 XP, 1 Hyperluminal Satellite

This Mission is repeatable every 20 hours.

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