The Tenebris Discovery (Late Timeline)

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Mission Briefing

Standard Mission Length: 3 days

Deep Station Y-14 has been experiencing strange phenomena since an artifact was brought aboard yesterday. The science team would like outside assistance to study the effects and hopefully determine their causes.

Rewards (If Sucessful): 5 Relic Badges (awarded to all ships with completed, non-failed tasks)

(RESTRICTIVE TASKS): One or more tasks in this mission require specific races or professions.

Comm Log

Rexel: I am station chief Rexel. Let me fully brief you before coming aboard.
You: Tell me what...

Rexel: What?
You: ...has happened

Rexel: Well, ever since we brought the artifact aboard, we've been remembering things... things we haven't done before.
You: ... ...

Rexel: Commander? ... What is it?
You: I... I have the strangest feeling... that we've had this conversation before.

Rexel: Yes. As do I. This is what the others on the station have also been experiencing.
You: The artifact. What do you know about it?

Rexel: An expedition team brought it aboard yesterday.
You: Have you run any tests?

Rexel: We're not sure where to start. We're hoping you could help.
You: I would suggest a chrono... no. No, not that.

Rexel: You were going to suggest a chronophase analysis... I... don't have a good feeling about it either.
You: I don't think we should run any tests on it, including the analysis. Something tells me it would be a bad idea.

Rexel: Yes. We should proceed carefully. The artifact may be responsible for some kind of temporal distortion.
You: Yes... I... remember fragments about the artifact, as if we tried -

Rexel: Destroying it. Before? Yes. Why do we have shared memories of something that we've never done?
You: I'm not sure.

Rexel: Assuming the artifact is causing it, we need to do something. Perhaps things that we haven't yet.... er- don't... have a memory of.
You: You think what we are experiencing is some kind of temporal loop?

Rexel: It very well might be. We may have had this exact conversation countless times.
You: Does the station have a way of shielding temporal vibrations?

Rexel: No, but we can try. What did you have in mind?
You: Something that we can use to contain it... safely.

Rexel: What are we to do with it afterwards?
You: Tenebris... Tenebris. War. Why do I remember that?

Rexel: It's the system that the expedition team returned from. The entire sector is at war with the Bralkir Clan.
You: Once we've contained the artifact with at least 10 members of the team, we should return it there.

Rexel: I agree... though I am not sure why.
You: Something tells me the artifact... it... wants to go back.

Rexel: The team retrieved it at great expense. It would be a shame if we couldn't analyze it in some form... perhaps a low energy scan.
You: Unfortunately, I don't think we can. Doing so may have triggered some kind of temporal feedback.

Rexel: Which may be what is causing our strange memory fragments.
You: Do you have the coordinates from the expedition team?

Rexel: Yes, but it won't be easy to get there. The area is full of battling Bralkir warships, and the planet that the artifact was taken from... is occupied by brutal worshipers of B'elna. It wasn't easy for us to steal the artifact, and putting it back will be even more difficult.
You: So it is of Bralkir origin?

Rexel: No. The shrine that it was found in was built around the artifact. It predates the Clan. They probably don't know much about it either... but clearly they at least knew not to move it.
You: Seems odd that we have to fight our way back to return something that was taken.

Rexel: You obviously don't know the Bralkir Clan very well, then.
You: On the contrary, I've fought them many times.

Rexel: Oh really?
You: My colleague, Vortov, is quite adept at tracking their movements.

Rexel: Then you know to watch your back. They are cruel and ruthless.

End Transmission.


Task 1: Build Containment Shell

The artifact is currently being stored in standard cargo. Build a temporal containment shell to minimize the artifact's effects while it is being transported.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 300 to start this task.

Task Type Module Construction
Requires: 25,000 RP, 700 Energy, 10 Containment Cages. (20 rounds)
Completion Requirements: 500,000 RP, 14,000 Energy, 200 Containment Cages.
Rewards: 100 xp (per round), Temporal Containment Shell

  • Temporal Containment Shell: Size: 25, Defense: 100, Cloak: 100. If this device is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 40%, up to a max of 200%. Unlocks a passive ability when fully upgraded. Passive Ability: Temporal Control. The maximum actions for your Time Manipulators is increased by 25 (to 125). Scrap value: 8 to 17 ctp Upkeep: 72.5 million

Task 2: Battle Bralkir Warships

The Bralkir Clan are currently engaged in a heated war within the sector. Engage any ships that may interfere with the mission.

  • Note: Must be at least Rank 300 to start this task.

Task Type: NPC Hunt
Requires: Disable 30 Bralkir Warships.
Rewards: 4 Relic Badges

  • Bralkir Warship: Rank 400 Criminal (Uncommon). Attack 20,000, Defense 8,000, Hull 250,000. 1000 Damage Cap 1250 energy minimum to kill one, 100 exp gained per kill. 37,500 energy minimum for all 30.

Task 3: Return the Artifact to the Bralkir Shrine


Once containment is achieved, a team will need to covertly enter the Tenebris system and secure the artifact back into its original location.

  • Note: 200 rounds of Task 1 must have been completed or you will automatically fail Task 3. It is recommended to NOT even sign up for tasks with failure threats before it is safe to progress them as this runs no risk of accidentally failing due to carelessness.

Task Type Planet Scan
Requires: Use a Bralkir Probe on an enemy planet that you have scanned in the last five minutes*. (30 rounds) Pilot must be a Spy or Saboteur in order to join this task.

  • Bralkir Probe: [ Temporary Item - Legion Mission ] - Probes an enemy planet for exact surface details related to the Bralkir Shrine. The planet must be at least Very Large in size. 500 energy to use
  • Note: Enemy planets alerted by those in your legion CAN BE USED toward progress of this task.
  • *Note: While it states scanned in the last 5m, all enemy owned vl+ planets can be used as of updating on the 17th of September 2016, not only recently scanned ones as was the case when released.(forum topic)
  • Note: Using the artifact from Task 3 counts as an offensive action and will remove a halcyon trap or calming amp and will count toward being TM locked.

Completion Requirements: 15,000 energy Rewards: B'elna's Altar

  • B'elna's Altar: Size: 1, Artifact: 2, Cloak: 250. If built on a planet that already has a Shrine of B'elna, this gains +250 Cloak, and provides a 3% Artifact production bonus. Limit 1 per planet.

Models of Success

The following table shows the kind of participation/progress shown to get varying types of success chances. Please note, This is a work in progress and data is in process of being collected (see forum topic).

There may be instances where it seems like there is a big gap in the number of ships on a task. This is not necessarily a requirement, only the most current data available. There may also be different combinations of spread that bring these chances. Partial completions also may be factored in these cumulative requirements. Alternate combinations will be recorded and posted as well in an effort to record the minimum amount needed for varying chances.

Success Chance Task 1
Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3
Task 3
Full Completions Total Completions (equiv) Info Provided By Date Provided
Certain ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
High ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Fair 33 10 9 34 7 0 49 50 Dreadnoks Rising 02mar2017
Fair 18 7 11 79 4 0 33 35 Zentzu 29jun2020
Low 42 17 4 14 1 0 47 47 Zentzu 23jun2018
Low 34 14 4 22 0 0 38 38 Zentzu 18oct2017
Low 21 0 9 21 6 0 36 36 Chesterton Royal Asylum 16sep2016
Low 32 5 3 42 0 0 35 36 Project Anarchy 06apr2016
Low 21 6 5 82 6 0 32 34 Chesterton Royal Asylum 15sep2016
Low 22 0 2 30 4 0 28 28 Chesterton Royal Asylum 14jun2016
Low 20 0 3 22 3 0 26 26 Chesterton Royal Asylum 29jun2016
Low 14 56 4 71 5 0 23 27 Chesterton Royal Asylum 15sep2016
Low 20 120 1 45 1 16 22 29 Zentzu 09apr2017
Low 21 0 1 15 0 0 22 22 Zentzu 01jan2016
Low 20 129 1 71 0 0 21 29 Project Anarchy 05apr2016
Low 14 46 0 17 1 0 15 16 Zentzu 09dec2015
Low 10 66 1 43 0 0 11 14 Chesterton Royal Asylum 27jun2016
Low 9 77 0 25 0 0 9 12 Zentzu 30dec2015
Low 8 122 0 40 0 0 8 15 Project Anarchy 03apr2016

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