Alarri AX9


The AX9 is a newer ship design sold by the Alarri Consortium. Popular with traders due to its speed and defenses, the AX9 brings in a sizable profit.

Rank: Scaled
Shields: 0
Hull: 26,000
Abilities: None
Attack: 4,590
Defense: 6,910
Cloak: 100
Rewards: 1 x Trader's Boon
Expires: After you spend 100 Energy by clicking on the "Dismiss" button from the NPC Actions tab


  • To be able to successfully run a "Bio-Scan" on this NPC you have to have have scanned a new planet or invaded a newly alerted one in the last 24h. To run a "Bio-Scan" costs 100 Energy from the NPCs Actions tab.
  • To dismiss this NPC from your battle tab click on the "Dismiss" button on the Actions tab, for another 100 Energy.

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