Bio-Con Prime, Lepus Base


The base's hull is composed of strange bio-mechanical nanofibers, which easily replicate themselves to repair damage. Ships will need to create a unified chromatic energy beam to disrupt the effect.

  • Top 5 damagers are rewarded
  • Share with Ranks 500 - 5,000
  • Randomly spawns during The Lepus, Seasonal Event in April.

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*Notes on disabling:

  • The pilot who finds this NPC should take out the Distortion Grid BEFORE alerting to the legion. Otherwise, the Distortion Grid may purge any Chromatic Disruptions already applied.
  • Players who successfully disrupt the NPC will see a popup with the word 'Boosts'. if you don't get the popup, someone else beat you to the punch.
  • Next, until there are 5 Chromatic Disruptions (from 5 separate players) active on the NPC (Costs: 500 energy on the Actions tab), the NPC will continually repair its hull to full. Each disruption starts a 30-second cooldown until another disruption can be applied. Each Chromatic Disruption lasts for 1 hour unless purged by the Distortion Grid.
  • Once a player has used a Chromatic Disruption, they must wait 1 full hour before they can use this ability again. "Your ship can only use this effect once per hour." So, if the pilot who finds the NPC disrupts before taking out the Distortion Grid, and their disruption is purged, they should wait at least an hour so they can disrupt it again before alerting. Otherwise, another legion member will be forced to 'donate' a disruption without getting a drop.

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