Auric Lepus Drone (NPC)


Named for its discovery in the Lepus cluster, the drone is a bio-mechanical construct. The hatchling's body houses unique sensing equipment, and could prove useful if it were captured. This drone appears special and different from the others...

NOTE: The Lepus Drone NPCs are only available by spending Galaxy Points to purchase a Chromatic Lepus Egg from the Artifact Market during the annual Easter event. The chance of getting an Auric version was 25% for versions lower than 3.0.

Year Egg Auric Lepus Drone GP Cost
2011 Chromatic Lepus Egg Auric Lepus Drone 18
2012 Chromatic Lepus Egg 2.0 Auric Lepus Drone 2.0 22
2013 Chromatic Lepus Egg 3.0 Auric Lepus Drone 3.0 28
2014 Chromatic Lepus Egg 4.0 Auric Lepus Drone 4.0 32
2015 Chromatic Lepus Egg 5.0 Auric Lepus Drone 5.0 36
2016 Chromatic Lepus Egg 6.0 Auric Lepus Drone 6.0 38
2017 Chromatic Lepus Egg 7.0 Auric Lepus Drone 7.0 40
2018 Chromatic Lepus Egg 8.0 Auric Lepus Drone 8.0 40
2019 Chromatic Lepus Egg 9.0 Auric Lepus Drone 9.0 40

  • Rare Standard Drone

Rank: Matched
Shields: None
Hull: Scaled: Unknown
Abilities: None
Attack: Scaled: Unknown
Defense: Scaled: Unknown
Rewards: Auric Lepus Drone (artifact) (suffix changes each year)
Expires: Never
Experience Earned on Kill: 100

Rank Stats

Rank Shields Hull Attack Defense Exp
694 - 1600 4110 8270 100

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