Cloak is one of ten basic ship statistics and an important planet statistic that define your capabilities in the game. It is the total of the cloak provided by installed Jammers and Cloaking Modules for your ship or on a planet, by cloaking structures. Players start the game with zero cloaking power. It counters Scan.


Cloak has several uses:

  • Defense against being found - Cloak helps prevent your ship or planets from showing up on other people's scans, thereby reducing your likelihood of being found and attacked in the first place.
  • Hiding ship equipment - How much equipment another player sees when viewing your ship depends on your cloak vs their scan. The higher your cloak vs their scan, the less they see and the more uncertain they will be.
  • Defense against critical attacks - Cloak reduces the chance of you taking critical hits during combat.
  • Hacking - Before you can attempt to hack an enemy ship, you must have a high enough cloak to avoid detection by your target's scan. Cloak is also factored into the actual hack attempt (along with Scan) to determine the success of your attempt. A successful Hack attempt will allow you to steal enemy research points. A critical hack will steal a random planet location from their database.


  • Cloak can be improved by installing cloaking modules and jammers on your ship or by installing cloaking structures on your planets.
  • Certain artifacts can be used to boost cloak for periods of time. Likewise, there are artifacts that can reduce another player's cloak.
  • The Zolazin race and the Spy profession get a bonus to cloak. It is possible to have both.
  • Your ship can guard a single planet. While it is guarded, the planet will benefit from the ship cloak added to its normal cloak.

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