Galaxy Points

galaxypoints.png GP Galaxy Points are one of two major forms of currency in the game, along with credits.png CR. There are Market Only Artifacts in the list of Market Artifacts.


Basic Use

credits.png CR are the primary in-game currency. They used for day-to-day purchases and expenses, such as building new Modules, paying for colonization and invasions of Planets, and paying Upkeep on your ship.

Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP, on the other hand, can be used to purchase powerful Artifacts in the game, some of which can be obtained in no other way. They are also used for a number of metagame purposes, as follows:

  • 10 galaxypoints.png GP - Full Energy Recharge
  • 3 galaxypoints.png GP - Full Hull Repair
  • 3 galaxypoints.png GP - Full Shield Recharge
  • 15 galaxypoints.png GP - Receive 1000 Research Points
  • 10 galaxypoints.png GP - Receive a random artifact
  • 10 galaxypoints.png GP - Spin the Galaxy Wheel
  • 20 galaxypoints.png GP - Change your Race and Profession

Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP can be purchased with real currency, using the link available in-game (click on "Redeem Points" -> "Get More Points" underneath your Shield bar to get to the link).

Note that the conversion rate in British pounds fluctuates over time due to currency speculation and market forces and should only be taken as an extremely rough guide. The actual cost at the time of purchase should be provided to you prior to payment by whichever service you choose to pay for the points with (e.g. Paypal).

USD ($) GBP (£) Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP
$3.00 £1.86 20 galaxypoints.png GP
$5.00 £3.11 40 galaxypoints.png GP
$10.00 £6.21 90 galaxypoints.png GP
$20.00 £12.43 200 galaxypoints.png GP
$50.00 £31.07 550 galaxypoints.png GP
  • Note: In case you hadn't worked it out from the numbers, the larger purchases give you a better ratio of points to cash, so in order to maximize your points it is better to save up and buy in bulk, rather than buy repeated small amounts.

Galaxy Wheel

There are ten possible outcomes provided by spinning the Galaxy Wheel. Eight of them involve winning a certain number of credits credits.png CR ranging from 1x to 50x; meanwhile, the other two are awarding 5 Rank Points or, the best outcome, winning 20 more Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP.

Daily Rewards

There is a very small chance of getting Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP (2 or 5) by claiming your Daily Reward.

Abandoning Planets

You can spend 5 Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP to abandon a planet you occupy.


Galaxy Points galaxypoints.png GP have another use: They can be used to purchase very powerful artifacts, ranging from simple probes through storage warehouses and Reality Transfusers, which can create permanent bonuses on your planets. Artifacts can be obtained either intentionally through Galaxy Points, through random chance via the Daily Reward, or via the random artifact shipment on the Trade page.

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