Harvest Shield VII

Artifact: Harvest Shield VII
Artifact Type: Ship Module
Artifact Target: Your Ship
Install Cost: Unknown
Install Limit: Unknown
Aquire From: Unknown
Aquire Cost: Unknown
Aquire Limit: 2
Activation Cost: None
Activation Period: Unknown
Activation Limit: Unknown
Sendable: No
Sharable: No
Scrapable: Yes 28,000 - 112,000 credits.png CR

Artifact Market

Limited-Time Artifact Market Artifact

Upgrades a Harvest Shield VI on your ship to a Harvest Shield VII.

Available from: the Limited Time Artifacts Market during The November 2018 event.

Artifact Type: Ship Module Upgrade
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost to buy from the Artifact Market: 46 GP
Cost in Energy to Use: None
Upgrade Effects: +140 Shield, +2% to activated ability, halving cooldown timer

Artifact Limits: 1 use per Harvest Shield VI
Number Available: unlimited
Alternate Uses: None
New Module Stats:

Size: 15
Shield: +680
Activated ability: +20% Shield bonus for 2 hours. Cannot be debuffed,
     only 1 module can be activated at a time. Cooldown 10 hours.

Artifact Limits: 2 Harvest Shields
Alternate Uses: None
Replaces: Harvest Shield VI
Upgrades with: ??

Scraps for: 28,000 - 112,000 credits.png CR
Share: No
Send: No

Note: The Harvest Shield is only constructed on ships Rank 100 and above.

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