Hyper Terraformer Device

Mission Reward


Transforms a planet into an Exotic World, and makes the planet invulnerable to any attack.

Available from: The mission The Terra Project

Artifact Type: Planet
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: 20
Artifact Effects:

Planet Size: Massive
Mining, Artifact, Research richness: 13x Mega Rich
Change in planet type to Exotic

Number Available: 1
Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: Cannot be scrapped


  • The passive bonuses were added in the Christmas 2010 update. If you used this artifact before then, contact the developer to have the passive bonuses added to your planet. Only the original creator of the planet can request the passive bonuses be added; the developer will not add the bonuses to planets that have since been invaded.
  • As of Aug 2011 Planets transformed using either the 'Hyper Terraformer' or the 'Dyson Transformer' now have the passive 'Invulnerable' ability, making them completely immune to any enemy interaction. These planets can no longer be abandoned, as well.
  • If the planet is already larger than Massive, it will actually shrink in size, so the artifact will be best used on planets that are not yet Massive or larger.
  • Use this artifact on the smallest, resource-poorest planet you can find for best effect. The resulting planet will get the above stats no matter what they were to start with - whether Tiny and Extremely Sparse or Colossal and 3xMega Rich, the Exotic World will always be Massive and 13x Mega Rich. So the smaller and sparser the original, the bigger the improvement/benefit will be.
  • Any existing (passive) bonuses that the planet had before it is made Exotic will be retained on top of those listed above. It will also receive legion bonus stats just like other planets, meaning the planet's total attack, defense, and cloak can be well over 10,000 before a single structure is built; however, none of this matters as the planet will automatically become invincible. It is therefore not wise to improve any passive abilities prior to using this artifact.
  • Any existing modules on the planet that require a specific planet type will continue to work at their original output. Examples include the Quantum Hydro-Meliorator (Oceanic) and the Permafrost Sub-Network (Icy).
  • There is also apparently a minimum population requirement (between 20 and 70)

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