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Legions are organized groups of players in Galaxy Legion that work together.

Legions offer many benefits:

  • Legion members can share locations of planets and elite/boss enemy ships
  • Legion members can alert for help against enemy players
  • You can send artifacts and minerals to your legion and/or your friends
  • Legion members can repair each others ships and help construct structures on planets
  • Players receive a 2% bonus to planetary attack, defense, and cloak for each active legion member
  • Legion members can communicate using a private comm (chat) system
  • Legion leaders and officers can manage invitations and roster for their group


Forming or Joining A Legion

The 'Legion' tab allows players to either find an existing legion to join, or establish one on their own. You must be Rank 30 or higher to form a legion.

A legion officer or leader can invite friends by clicking on the 'View Friends' button in the Legion tab and sending requests to those who are not yet in a legion.

The Legion Info screen also includes a direct invite link. This can be posted to blogs, forums, etc - to make it easier to recruit larger numbers of players.

Using the Account Reset option will not immediately remove you from a legion, such that it is possible to reset, remake and still be part of the legion you were previously part of.

Legion Announcement

If you are part of a Legion, you will see the current Legion Announcement on the News tab, as well as underneath the Legion Members List on the Legion tab, and when it is changed, it will also appear in the legion comm.

If your Legion Member Rank is high enough (as set by a Legion Leader), you can set or change the Legion Announcement depending on what is currently seen as a priority for your legion. Changing or setting an announcement can be done by starting a Legion Comms post with either "/a " or "/announce ", followed by the actual message. URL's to Legion groups on Facebook (or other websites) are often posted in between other more important announcements. For example, often it is required to remind Legion Members to take it easy with a currently locked base.

Set a Legion-wide announcement:

/announce MESSAGE (or /a MESSAGE)

Legion Comm

The Legion comm is a chat area where members of the legion can communicate in realtime. It is located at the bottom of the GL Interface. The Legion comm can be resized by clicking on the "grip" slider above it and dragging to the desired position. It can also be minimized by clicking on the 'Hide Legion Comm' button on the bottom left.

Along with normal chat, the comm can also be issued special commands. All commands begin with a slash followed by the command.

Send a message to ONLY the officers and leaders of the legion:

/officer MESSAGE (or /o MESSAGE)

Block an outside player from sending messages to the Legion comm:



Legions can make 3 types of pacts with other legions: Non-Agression, Trade, and Battle. Active, Pending, and Broken treaties are managed in the 'Diplomacy' area in the Legion tab.

If you have an open treaty slot, a leader or officer can request a treaty for 20 Energy. An officer or leader from the other legion can choose to accept or reject the treaty. If the target legion has an open treaty slot, and they accept the treaty proposal, that counts as a treaty for both legions.

When a treaty is broken, the other legion must review and dismiss it before another can be requested.

Each legion starts with 10 treaties. You can gain additional treay slots:

* 2 additional treaty slots for each Embassy module you build (maximum 5 Embassies)
* 1 additional treaty slot for each Admissions Center module you build (maximum 5).
* 1 additional treaty slot for each Chuhn Transgalactic Comm (115 galaxypoints.png GP cost, maximum 2) OR
* 2 additional treaty slots for each Chuhn Transgalactic Comm V2 (115+79 galaxypoints.png GP cost, maximum 2).

Since you can only have a limited number of treaties, Trade Pacts are generally the most helpful, followed by Battle Pacts. Non-Agression Pacts should generally be avoided.

Trade Pact

A Trade Pact allows your legion members to trade directly with members of the Trade Pact legion.

On the 'Trade' tab, When you click 'Send' from the Artifcts sub.tab or click 'Give' from the Minerals sub.tab, your targets will now include a separate listing of ships that you can trade with via 'Trade Pacts', in addition to the standard lists for Legion Members and your in.game Friends listing.

The reason why Trade Pacts are the most sought after is due to the legion base modules Chuhn Transgalactic Comm (115 galaxypoints.png GP cost, maximum 2), and Base Comm Interlink (80 galaxypoints.png GP cost, maximum 2), which allow the following legion base abilities to be activated:

  • Chuhn Trade Comm: Boosts base artifact output by 1%, plus an additional 1% for each continuously active trade pact (1 month or greater) you have with other legions. Lasts 20 hours. Costs: 4 Ability Points
  • Trade Route: Boosts base artifact output by 2%, plus an additional 2% for each active trade pact you have with other legions. Lasts 20 hours. Costs: 5 Ability Points

Battle Pact

Battle Pacts allow legions to team up when involved with Base Combat against enemy bases. Once your legion has locked an enemy base, you can send out requests to any Battle Pact legions for them to join in your attack on that base. If the Battle Pact legion is not already involved in a base attack, they can accept, allowing their legion members to attack the locked base, with the damage rank allocated amongst all the participating Battle Pact legions.

Once a Battle Pact legion has accepted the request to join in your base lock, even if the Battle Pact is subsequently broken, they will be able to attack the base for the duration of the lock. So if you are short on treaty slots, you can use 1 treaty slot to invite as many legions as you like.

Non-Agression Pact

Legions that wish to halt violent actions against other legions can request a Non-Aggression Pact. Non-Aggression Pacts will warn members of the other legion before engaging in offensive actions (attacking, hacking, raiding, invading, and using artifacts). However, a member may choose to ignore the warning and break the treaty. In this case, all members of both legions are notified that the treaty is broken and the reason.

Legion Loyalty

A legion member has Loyalty if they are an active legion member that has been with the legion continuously for a week or longer. If a legion member leaves and returns, they are considered a new member, regardless of how long they were with the legion before.

Loyalty affects many parts of the game, such as:

  • A player gains access to their portion of the Base shipment after they have been in a legion for more than 24 hours. The Base [Bases#Base_Loyalty_Bonus|Resource Production] receives a 40% production bonus for each Loyal legion member. The normal cap on the number of members in a legion is currently 60, but can be increased with a few .
  • A player must have Loyalty to search for, lock, or participate in Base Battles.
  • A player cannot alert enemy planets without having Loyalty.
  • A player must be loyal to invade the contested planet Exotica.

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