Mission Market

The Mission Market is available via the Missions Tab if you have joined at least 1 task at some point.

Relic Badges badge-o.png are gained by completing Legion Missions or some of the tasks required to complete those legion missions.

Artifact Name Type Cost Scraps For Effect
Cognizant Omniforge

Planet, Structure 8 badge-o.png 1 to 2 CTP parts.png Also boosts the planet's production of all resources by 5%. Requires 600 Medal Points. Costs 500 energy to use.

[Size: 1, Artifact: 1, Research: 1 Mining: 1, Limit: 1]

Clandestine Revisions

Planet, Effect 3 badge-o.png 2,000 to 8,000 CR credits.png Amplifies a planet's existing cloak, permanently boosting its cloak by 250. Usable on planets that already have between 1000 - 5000 passive cloak. Requires 700 Medal Points. Costs 500 energy to use.

[Passive Cloak: 250] Note: This can be used on a planet with 5000 cloak, bringing it to 5250.

Vortov, Hired Mercenary

Ally, Mercenary 48 badge-o.png 6 to 12 CTP parts.png Upgrades when a Mercenary Payment is Used. Requires Rank 200 or Greater. Requires 700 Medal Points

[Attack: 80, Invasion Attack: 150, Hull: 200, Limit: 1] upkeep 2.5 billion credits.

Mercenary Payment

Upgrade, Ally 2 badge-o.png 1,250 to 5,000 CR credits.png Grants 1 additional Rank to your Vortov, Hired Mercenary Ally, up to a maximum rank of 100. Requires 800 Medal Points

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