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Special Items

Some items that are used or gained from missions are put in the "Special" tab under the Trade menu. They are explained here:


They allow for special buildings or modules to be constructed. Known blueprints include Anti-Resistance Base, Exotic Turret, Exotic Barrier, and other Exotic structures/weapons.

Complex Tech Parts

Complex Tech Parts can be gathered by scrapping Artifacts that have been dropped by a NPC or have been collected from a mission. They can also be gained by raiding bases of level 4 or higher
You can find the amount you have within the Special Tab which is under the Trade Tab

Here is a list of Artifacts that can be scrapped for CTP and their Value:
This list is currently incomplete, so add to it if you get it.

  • Note: At first you may not want to scrap any of these items as they are often quite desirable planet structures or ship modules. Those dropped from missions, mission NPCs or limited NPCs should NEVER be scrapped as only a limited number of each are available. Ordinary NPC-dropped items will eventually exceed the numbers allowed on your ship or planets, and these will become a significant source of CTP.
Part / Building Name Scrap Value (Complex Tech Parts) Recieved By
Affection Disseminator 4 - 8 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Affection Disseminator 2.0 4 - 8 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Antimatter Drill 6 - 12 Mission
Archaic Stasis Cells 6 - 12 Mission
Captured T.O Harvester (2010 version) 3 - 5 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Captured T.O Harvester (2011 version) 3 - 5 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Cloning Center 6 - 12 Mission
Crimson Auto-Laser 6 - 12 NPC Drop
Crimson Auto-Phaser  ? - ? NPC Drop
Crimson Phase Launcher 6 - 12 NPC Drop/Mission
Dark Complex Thruster 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Dark Phase Engine 8 - 16 NPC Drop
Dark Pylon Shifter 6 - 12 NPC Drop
Dark Ring Thruster 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Dark Void Engine 6 - 13 NPC Drop
Domain Walker 1 - 2 CT Lab
Drannik Power Core 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Encephalon Core 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Ergosphere Filter 3 - 6 Mission
Gravidynamic Isolator 9 - 18 Mission
Hypercharged Bane Emitter 6 - 12 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Interrogation Stronghold 8 - 16 NPC Drop
Ion Pulse Ballistae 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Kalvium Fortified Plating 6 - 12 Mission
Korteth Plating 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Korteth Twin-Blaster 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Lazuli Darkmines 2 - 4 NPC Drop
Lazuli Mind Controller 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Lazuli Pylon 12 - 24 NPC Drop
Leviathan Rift Emitter 4 - 8 NPC Drop/Mission
Mylarai Stripcore Mine 6 - 12 NPC Drop/Mission
Overcharged Bane Emitter 6 - 12 Limited Edition NPC Drop
Phase Interceptor Drive 19 - 38 Mission
RSL Data Uplink (artifact) 15 - 30 NPC Drop/Mission
Sha'din AI Core 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Sha'din Forcevoider 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Sha'din Grid Network 6 - 12 NPC Drop
Sha'din Hypergrid Core 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Sha'din Hypergrid Network 6 - 12 NPC Drop
Sha'din Supercomputer 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Silthion Exo-Plating 7 - 14 NPC Drop/Mission
Silthion Gas Vesicle 6 - 12 NPC Drop
Silthion T-Phase Utricle 7 - 14 NPC Drop
Silthion T-Plasma Hub 7 - 14 NPC Drop
Statue of the Magnus 6 - 12 Mission
Stryll Hunt Sensor 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Stryll Prey Tracker 19 - 38 NPC Drop
T.O. Force Barrier 19 - 38 NPC Drop
T.O. Harmonic GigaPulser 29 - 58 NPC Drop
T.O. Harmonic MegaPulser 29 - 58 NPC Drop
T.O. Harmonic Pulser  ? - ? NPC Drop
T.O. Harmonic TeraPulser  ? - ? NPC Drop
T.O. Phase Barrier 9 - 18 NPC Drop
Taltherian Archives 7 - 14 Mission
Void Barrier Chassis 7 - 14 Mission
Vortul Blast Phaser 19 - 38 NPC Drop
Vortul Plating 19 - 38 NPC Drop
X-Pulse Tower 6 -12 Mission
XRP Battery Pack 7 - 14 NPC Drop
Xecti Signal Repeater 5 - 10 Mission
Xectiphage Tower 5 - 10 Mission
Zortah's Interface Jack 8 - 16 Mission
Zolazin Analyzer 9 - 18 Mission

Complex Tech Parts can currently be used in the following mission(s). They each provide you with access to unique artifact modules.

Complex Tech Parts are also needed for upgrading a Legion base, making them high in demand.

Small numbers can also be obtained by defeating Rogue Tech Collectors, although these only give 1 or 2 tech parts for each disable.

Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter is a rare substance which can occasionally (in actuality, considering the size of most mineral shipments, pretty frequently) be obtained through typical mineral shipments. It is used as a resource to complete certain missions, similar to energy, but otherwise has no functional purpose. This is a fairly useless material at lower levels. Most useful if given to a friend (assuming the player is not in immediate need of the materials), unless you have started working on the very high level missions.

It is suggested that the odds of getting exotic matter in mineral shipments rise considerably when the player is at or above a certain rank (rank 85 and higher?), but this has not been confirmed. (This part is written by Joseph4) "I have recently reached level 85, and I noticed a BIG increase in the Exotic Matter and other rare minerals I was getting per shipment."

NOTE: Certain extremely high level missions unlock blueprints to weapons, defenses, and resource production structures that are created via the use of Exotic Matter. For example, 400 Exotic Matter, when used with the corresponding blueprint, can build an Exotic Turret, which gives 250 planet attack. This actually makes exotic matter an incredibly useful commodity at the high levels, especially with the heavy Exotic Matter requirements that some missions have.

Exotic Matter is also needed for upgrading a Legion base, making it even higher in demand.

Along with Kurenite, Exotic Matter has recently begun being used by many Trading Groups as the standard currency for trading in Artifacts. 10 Exotic Matter equals 1 Kurenite. 10 Kurenite equals 1 Complex Tech Parts.


A precious substance available from The Tejiar Reformation daily mission for use in the Raix Market. (forum topic)

Political Favor

Unlike Exotic Matter, which only really comes into its element in the higher levels, Political Favor is incredibly important very early on, continuing throughout the game because the Fourth Tier upgrade is the Soldier Outpost, a very important building which can make or break the defense of a planet. Many people burn through Political Favor quickly and place Soldier Outposts frequently.

You can get political favour from completing certain missions. Look for missions that have a reward that looks like a yellow crown.

Prejoran Tech

Technology belonging to an ancient race known as the Prejor. Required for building special modules related to, or of, Prejor origin. Obtained from Prejor related missions.

Prismodyne Energy

This is available from Porowyn's Arrival daily mission for use in the Prismodyne Energy Network Market


XTS-9 is an extremely toxic substance that is used in experimental industrial production. There are various high-rank missions that require XTS-9. Producing it is dangerous.

Zolazin Debris

Debris collected from battles with Zolazin NPCs. Required for a mission involving the Zolazin.

Tier Items

Mission tier items are gained through the FULL ending of the required number of missions. Note that what mission is ended does not matter, only the total number ended.

Also note that these are missions ended, not completed. Most missions require more than one completion before they end forever. In other words, you have to do a mission until it goes away (being replaced by another mission counts) before it is considered to have been "ended".

Unless otherwise specified, all mission tier items require NO space on a ship. The following can also be viewed in table form on the Mission Tiers page.

3 Missions Ended - 1st Tier

Omicron Injector: Energy Charge +10 (Speeds up Energy Recharge by 10 Seconds), Added to Energy Category on Ship

6 Missions Ended - 2nd Tier

Harmonic Resonator: Shield Charge +10 (Speeds up Shield Recharge by 10 Seconds), Added to Defenses/Shields Category on Ship

9 Missions Ended - 3rd Tier

AI Supercomputer: Adds a 5 point bonus to scan, attack, defense, and cloaking, Added to devices category of the ship

12 Missions Ended - 4th Tier

Ability to construct Soldier Outpost on planets (size 3), providing Invasion Defense +300. Cost: 50,000 Credits and 5 Political Favor.

15 Missions Ended - 5th Tier

Prototype Mech XV: Provides 15 attack bonus during planetary invasions, added to weapons category of ship.

18 Missions Ended - 6th Tier

Thrust Stabilizer: Adds a 10 point bonus to defense, and 30 points to hull integrity, added to defense category of ship.

22 Missions Ended - 7th Tier

Q-Phase Battery Array: Multipurpose wave storage, boosting max shield and energy by 15

26 Missions Ended - 8th Tier

Gamma Channeler: Funnels incoming radiation into a powerful beam, increasing cloak by 15 and attack by 10

30 Missions Ended - 9th Tier

Combat Analyzer: a specialized battle intelligence, increasing attack by 15 and defense by 5

34 Missions Ended - 10th Tier

Chron-Transistor: increases both energy and shield charge rates by 5.

38 Missions Ended - 11th Tier

Mass Storage Pod: increases cargo capacity by 60

(It will be added to your inventory as an Artifact. Be Cautious as you can Scrap it.)

42 Missions Ended - 12th Tier

Subspace Compressor: Channels spacial folds into energy waves, boosting defense and energy by 15

46 Missions Ended - 13th Tier

Tachyon Router: Very efficient subsystem connector, boosting scan by 25 and energy by 10

50 Missions Ended - 14th Tier

Impact Absorber: Increases shield by 20 and hull integrity by 45

54 Missions Ended - 15th Tier

Omnibase Chassis: Planet Structure. Size:5, Mining: 3, Research: 3, Artifact: 3, Attack: 1000, Defense: 1000. Added to cargo as a Chassis.

58 Missions Ended - 16th Tier

Exotic Dynamo: Increases energy by 20 and attack by 15

62 Missions Ended - 17th Tier

Field Balancer: Increases shield by 20 and shield recharge rate by 10

66 Missions Ended - 18th Tier

Drone Cluster: Increases attack by 20 and hull integrity by 40

70 Missions Ended - 19th Tier

Dark Mutagen Battery: Increases energy by 20 and invasion attack bonus by 40.

74 Missions Ended - 20th Tier

Council Base: Planet Structure. Size: 2, Invasion Defence: 500, Population: 100, Limit: 1 per planet. Cost: 10,000,000 Credits and 15 Political Favor.

Note: The Council Base is not a single-use artifact like the Omnibase. It will be added to your planet build list as a new buildable structure. You can build as many of them as you want, as long as you have enough resources. (Note: one per planet)

78 Missions Ended - 21st Tier

Tractor Beam: Increases hull integrity by 50 and defence by 25

82 Missions Ended - 22nd Tier

Flux Ringdisc: An advanced prototype multi-transmitter. Increases scanning and cloaking abilities by 30.

86 Missions Ended - 23rd Tier

Krionite Transducer: A powerful transducer for krionite gas implosions. Increases energy charge rate by 8 and attack by 30.

90 Missions Ended - 24th Tier

Chron-Pulse Drive: Increases defense by 30 and max shield by 50.

This is currently as far as the mission completion rewards are known to go.

See also: Mission Artifacts, Missions, Mission Chains.

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