Artifacts are special items that can have many time-limited effects on ships (both yours AND the ships of other players) and planets (also yours and other players). These effects range from lowering and boosting Attack and Defense to resetting your Raiding, Hacking, Repair, and Trade abilities. Learning how to use artifacts to their full potential is imperative to your success in Galaxy Legion.

Some artifacts can be sent to any other player, either as your fellow legion member, your Facebook friend, or as a member of a legion with which your legion has signed a trade pact. Sent artifacts are removed from your cargo and are transported to the other player's cargo bay. If you are sending multiple shipments, there is a 5-minute time delay between shipements. Some artifacts can be shared on your facebook page where they can be collected by your Facebook friends. An artifact shared is replicated so that you do not lose your copy, but each shared artifact (or the stack that the artifact was shared from) can only be shared once. Only 1 copy is added to your feed so it is first-come, first-served. There is a 24-hour waiting period in between artifact shares.

Artifacts can generally be scrapped for credits or sold on the Galactic Trading Center (GTC) for credits. Some rarer artifacts, acquired via missions or disabling NPC ships, can be scrapped for Complex Tech Parts, a necessary item for upgrading a legion base, undertaking some missions and building some unlocked structures. Click here for a list of artifacts that can be scrapped for complex tech parts.


Acquiring Artifacts

Artifacts can be acquired in several ways:

1. Accumulation from planets. This is the main way that most common artifacts are gained. You can accumulate artifact points from the planets that you own, and trade them in at any time for an artifact shipment. This may be done via the trade page. There is a list of the artifacts that are available via this method further down the page in the "common artifacts" section. Note that you cannot get an artifact that costs more than your total points at the time you accept a shipment, so if you want a specific artifact, don't cash in an artifact shipment unless you have enough stored up! Shipments are also completely random; you are not guaranteed to get the highest level artifact you can afford. You will however only trade in the exact cost of an individual artifact, as listed in the table below.

2. Raiding. If you raid an enemy player's ship, you can steal artifact points that you can use for an artifact shipment (see below).

3. Buy specific artifacts with Galaxy Points. You can buy most artifacts with Galaxy Points. Some artifacts are ONLY available by spending Galaxy Points, although these artifacts are not necessary for playing the game; they simply make it easier to play in some way. The green "Buy Artifact" button is near the top of the Trade page. There is a second "Buy Artifacts" button if you click on the "Redeem Points" link when you have Galaxy Points that you want to spend.

4. Mission completion rewards. You have a small chance to get artifacts when you undertake certain missions (They will state the chance of receiving an artifact and the rarity of the artifact). Also, certain missions automatically give artifacts after each completion.

5. Combat rewards. Certain NPCs drop artifacts when they are defeated. If the NPC was shared to legion members, artifacts will only be given to the top few players that dealt the most damage (A blue padlock symbol will display next to their name if the attacker is guaranteed to receive a reward due to the amount of damage they have dealt)

Artifact List

Common Artifacts

Common Artifacts are artifacts that can be acquired through cashing in your hourly artifact hauls from planets. Save up your hourly artifact hauls if you want a chance to get more expensive artifacts. Also note that many of these artifacts can be bought from the Artifact Market for Galaxy Points. (Click the Common Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Battle Market Artifacts

Battle Market Artifacts artifacts can be bought in exchange for badges. These badges are earned by disabling, hacking, or raiding other players. They can also be earned by invading planets. They were added as part of the 15th February 2011 update. More buyable artifacts will likely be added over time. (Click the Battle Market Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Mission Artifacts

Mission Artifacts are acquired by completing specific missions. Some are provided randomly during the course of the mission, others are received per completion, whilst others may only be provided when a mission is totally completed. (Click the Mission Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Legion Mission Artifacts

Legion Mission Artifacts are acquired by completing specific legion missions. Some are received per completion, whilst others may only be provided when a mission is totally completed. (Click the Legion Mission Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

NPC-Dropped Artifacts

NPC-Dropped Artifacts are received when you destroy specific NPC's in combat. Some artifacts are required to complete certain missions, whilst other artifacts provide bonuses to your ship or planets. (Click the NPC-Dropped Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Limited Time Artifacts

Limited Time Artifacts are available for only a limited time, such as for a holiday. In some cases these artifacts are available annually, whenever the holiday comes around; in others, they may be available one time only. (Click the Limited Time Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Base Crate Artifacts

Base Crate Artifacts are received when your legion successfully raids a Level 4 or higher base.

Market Artifacts (Available from Spending Galaxy Points)

Market Artifacts are available from spending Galaxy Points. While many common artifacts and a few NPC dropped artifacts are available for purchase in the Artifact Market, the ones listed here are available ONLY from spending Galaxy Points. (Click the Market Artifact link to see the table for these.)

Collective Theory Lab Artifacts

Collective Theory Lab Artifacts are available only from the Legion Base module Collective Theory Lab. They are created using multiple copies of common artifacts. (Click the Collective Theory Lab Artifacts link to see the table for these.)

Daily Rewards

Each player has a chance of receiving one of the following artifacts every day from the Daily Reward. Note that other, non-artifact rewards are also available, so you will not necessarily receive one of the artifacts listed below. Also note that the artifact rewards are completely random; it is entirely possible to get the same reward several days in a row.

Artifact Name Effect Obtained From Event Image
Energy Cube Fully restores energy.

Note: uninstall your relays, uninstall any weapon modules that drain energy, and equip all of your best power cores BEFORE you use the Energy Cube to get the maximum energy recharge possible.

Daily Reward Daily / Ongoing Image
Tri-Matrix Emblem Fully restores hull, shields and energy.

Note: uninstall your relays, uninstall any weapon modules that drain energy, equip all of your best power cores, equip all of your best shields, and equip all of your best hull modules BEFORE you use the Tri-Matrix Emblem to get the maximum energy recharge, shield recharge, and hull repair possible.

Daily Reward Daily / Ongoing Image

Discontinued Artifacts

The following artifacts were once available in the game, but have since been removed or replaced. Some players may still have these artifacts in their cargo holds; these artifacts will continue to work as originally intended if used, although this cannot be guaranteed in all cases. If in doubt, contact the developers for more information or post on the forums.

Artifact Name Effect Gained Through Discontinuation Date Reason
Alien Star Charts Reveals a random planet that you have not yet discovered. Artifact hauls Phased out as part of the 21st November 2010 update.

Existing copies of the artifact will still function as originally intended.

New scanning technologies and ship modules added instead.
Omicron Net Completely ensnares your target, preventing them from attacking or being attacked for 4 hours. Artifact hauls Phased out as part of the 16th January 2011 update.

Existing copies of the artifact will NOT function as originally intended. Sell them if you have any.

Phased out due to player complaints. Changes were made to other truce Artifacts to compensate.
Radiant Weapons Locker A locker that contains a technologically advanced piece of weaponry. Weapon gained was based on your rank at time of activation. Bought with Galaxy Points Phased out as part of the 18th October 2010 update.

Existing copies of the artifact will still function as originally intended.

Phased out due to the addition of the replacement Radiant Surge Cannons and a number of bugs associated with the Radiant Weapons Locker. Replaced by Radiant Surge Cannons.

Artifacts with Secondary Applications

The following artifacts have uses to progress certain missions in the game.

Artifact Name Source Mission
Sha'din Directory Index NPC: Sha'din Directory Core A Plot Confessed
Flux Probe Artifact Shipment - 250 AP Cost Anomalous Appearance
Engineered Virus Artifact Shipment - 500 AP Cost Biological Warfare, Influence of the Broodmind
Dark Pyramid Artifact Shipment - 350 AP Cost Darkness Falls
Void Shell Artifact Shipment - 550 AP Cost Darkness Falls
Cloning Pods Artifact Shipment - 400 AP Cost Drannik Rebirth
EMP Sphere Artifact Shipment - 900 AP Cost Drill Capture
Grid Controller NPC: The Fornyis Finding the Fornyis Twins
Sentry Guard Artifact Shipment - 1000 AP Cost Help from the Inside
Calming Amplifier Artifact Shipment - 900 AP Cost Komarran Unrest
Grid Console Artifact Shipment - 700 AP Cost NFX-2 Integration
Isolytic Fuel NPC: Dark Iso-Runner Potent Residuum
Tachyon Cylinder Artifact Shipment - 700 AP Cost Renderer Recall
Lazuli Parts Manifest NPC: Lazuli Parts Runner Suspicious Construction
Quasi-Spacial Expander NPC: T.O. Troop Carrier The Colossal Project, The Rift Project
Containment Missile Artifact Shipment - 850 AP Cost The Crimson Cluster Project
Chron Shifter Part NPC: Chron Shift Carrier The Dark Theft
Drannik Archive Chip NPC: Drannik Archivist The Drannik Extinction
Grav-Whip Trap Artifact Shipment - 1500 AP Cost The Fate of Komarra
Spy Probe - Resources Artifact Shipment - 600 AP Cost The Mylarai Accord
Time Manipulator Artifact Shipment - 750 AP Cost The Paradox Project
Positron Clouder Artifact Shipment - 400 AP Cost The Sha'jha Approach
Terraforming Device NPC: T.O. Troop Carrier, Dark Scrap Transport The Terra Project
Omicron Mine Trap Artifact Shipment - 1000 AP Cost Thetacron Yield Test
Titancore Sentiox NPC: Titancore Pod Titancore Escapees

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