Raix Market

This market is available upon completing the mission Assault on the Capitol from the Raix Mission Chain. It can be accessed from the Special Section of the Trade Tab. To purchase artifacts from this market one uses Raix gained from the daily mission The Tejiar Reformation. Thanks to those who posted details on the forum.

Artifact Description Cost (Raix) Targets that Support
Raix Transformation
Upgrades Per Target Total Cost (Raix)
Raix Structural Enhancements

Upgrades 1 structure on the target planet (at random) that supports the Raix Transformation. 4 10 Raix Bunker
10 Raix Refinery
10 Tej-Brask Refueling Depot
1 40
Raix Modular Enhancements

Transforms 1 fully-upgraded module on your ship (at random) that supports the Raix Transformation 10 1 Raix-Radiated Plating
1 Tejiar Capitol Barrier
2 20
Raix Megaweapon

Weapon - Size:30, Attack:90, Invade:250

Max - Size:30, Attack:270, Invade:750.

If this device is already installed on your ship, this will instead upgrade its stats by 40%, up to 200%. Unlocks an ability when fully upgraded. Ability: Damages all standard non-player enemies in your battle list - reducing their hull to 10. No cost to use.

  • Note: Requires 1,000 Medal Points
16 5 96
Kriell, Tejiar Commander

Ship Ally - Type: Tejar

Initial Stats: Attack: 120, Energy: 70

  • Note: Requires 1,200 Medal Points
52 0 52

It is unknown at this time if more artifacts will be added to the market.

To acquire and max out all of the Raix-related items (excluding planet buildings acquired via invasion), you will need 308 raix, or 154 rounds of the daily mission The Tejiar Reformation.

Note that the Rank 100 Kriell, Tejiar Commander ally has the Raix Focus Ability, which costs 1 Raix to reset the timer on 1 available daily mission that you most recently completed.

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