Strazi Sentinel

Daily Mission NPC


Not a great deal is known about the Strazi and its relationship inside the Order. Their appearance in this region of space is curious...

  • Standard Uncommon Guard

  • 07dec2016: NPCs that spawn as a result of daily missions WILL NO LONGER SPAWN while the mission is on cooldown.

Rank: 300
Shields: None
Hull: 50,000
Abilities: Auto-Repair
Attack: 9500
Defense: 5800
Cloak: 2000
Rewards: Damaged Stryll Datacore (after disabling) 350 required to complete the mission The Vvarix Truth
Expires: After 1 Hour
Experience Earned on Kill: 20

Steps on disabling:

  • Use Begin Hack (100 energy)
  • Attack the NPC to get a code that will pop up on your screen. You may have to attack several times before you get the code. An upgraded Ravyn has an increased chance of getting this code.
  • After the code pops up on your screen, You must then use the Bypass ability for 200 energy. This will open a box right near that ability.
  • Type in the code that popped up.
  • Click bypass again. This will prevent the enemy from auto-repairing.
  • Each bypass code works only on that particular Sentinel.
  • Note: since the Sentinels are 'Standard', they can be damaged by the Raix Megaweapon.

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