Toxic Purifier

NPC-Dropped Artifact

purifier2.png Permanently increases the mining output of a Toxic or Irradiated planet by 2.

Available from: the rank matched Uncommon NPC known as the Blade Harvester and the Rare NPC known as the Dark Mass-Carrier.

Artifact Type: Planet Transformers
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to Use: 5
Artifact Effects:

Mining Richness: +2 (e.g. Rich becomes Extremely Rich)
Special: If the planet did not previously have any mining production, the new production will be Very Sparse
Restriction: Will not increase the production of a 15X Mega Rich or better planet
Restriction: Can only be used on Toxic or Irradiated planets

Alternate Uses: None
Scraps for: 12.5K - 50K CR
Share: No
Send: No

Starting Planetary Mining Richness Number of Toxic Purifiers Maximum 15x Megarich Mining Maximum 16x Megarich Mining
none 14 16x
extremely sparse 13 15x
very sparse 13 16x
sparse 12 15x
average 12 16x
abundant 11 15x
very abundant 11 16x
extremely abundant 10 15x
rich 10 16x
very rich 9 15x
extremely rich 9 16x
ultra rich 8 15x
0x mega rich 8 16x
1x mega rich 7 15x
2x mega rich 7 16x
3x mega rich 6 15x
4x mega rich 6 16x
5x mega rich 5 15x
6x mega rich 5 16x
7x mega rich 4 15x
8x mega rich 4 16x
9x mega rich 3 15x
10x mega rich 3 16x
11x mega rich 2 15x
12x mega rich 2 16x
13x mega rich 1 15x
14x mega rich 1 16x

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