Trader's Boon

Mission Reward Artifact


Available from: the mission Closing Engagement, following defeat of the mission-spawned NPC Alarri AX9.

Artifact Type: Planet transformer
Set Duration: Permanent
Cost in Energy to use: 25
Artifact Effects:

Increases a planet's artifact, research, or mineral availability (richness) at random by 1 (e.g. Rich -> Very Rich) 
Limitation: Will only increase resources on planets that are at least Extremely Sparse and below 20X Mega Rich

Number available: 10
Alternate Use: None
Scraps for: 12,500 - 50,000 CR
Share: No
Send: No


  • This artifact is not very reliable on uplifting the intended resource (as it is chosen by random, having a 33% chance). Best usage is on planets that are at least 15x Mega Rich to all 3 resources.
  • Tip: If you want to increase only the (for example) artifact richness, make sure you apply it on a planet that has Research and Mining above 20x Mega Rich and Artifact below 19x Mega Rich.

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