Archotage Transmitter (NPC)

Daily Mission NPC


The Transmitters are important components of the Archotage transporter system.

  • Rare Device
  • Only available during the Era of Harvest seasonal event *if* The Archotage mission has been unlocked from the Terran Outsiders mission chain (starting in 2014)
  • 07dec2016: NPCs that spawn as a result of daily missions WILL NO LONGER SPAWN while the mission is on cooldown.

Rank: 500
Shields: 100,000
Hull: 50,000
Abilities: None
Attack: 1000
Defense: 9,000
Cloak: 500
Rewards: Archotage Transmitter (artifact)
Expires: After 1 Hours
Experience Earned on Kill: 20 Minimum Hits Kill: 120

Archotage Transmitter Image
[ Limited Item - Thanksgiving ]
[ Planet Structure - Size:1, Artifact:1, Cloak:200, Population:+40% ] Constructs an Archotage Transmitter on your planet. Limit 1 per planet.

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