The Archotage (mission)

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Daily Mission Briefing

Ravyn: I come with another set of urgent business. Sileena recently returned from the field, and her latest report on the Terran Outsiders warrants our immediate attention... especially now that we're in the midst of the harvest.

Mission Dialogue:

Ravyn: I wish I could have been here sooner.
Ravyn. Well, well. I take by your sudden appearance that you need me for another covert op ?

Ravyn: You know the way I work by now, commander.
You still owe me for that job rescuing Sileena in the first place.

Ravyn: I haven't forgotten. That's why I am here, after all.
This is about the Archotage ? You were supposed to brief me ...

Ravyn: As I told you before, Sileena was vitally important to gathering that intel. I've come with just that.
Ravyn, I know you... Why do I feel like there is a catch involved ?

Ravyn: Not a catch. The information I have compels us to action.
So this is related to the Era of Harvest ? The Terran Outsiders are pushing heavily against our borders. We're spread thin.

Ravyn: The timing is not a coincidence. The Archotage project has been ready for some time, but we'll only now begin to see its real effects.
What is it ? New shielding technology ?

Ravyn: Not a shield. It's a cross-system mass troop teleporter, unlike anything else we've come across. It will make resisting their expansion even harder.
Have they already started using it ?

Ravyn: Yes, and at this rate, we're going to start losing our advantage.
How do we stop it ?

Ravyn: The Terran Outsiders have made capturing the technology difficult, as the primary mechanism of the transport, the amplifiers, aren't used at the destination.
Which means -

Ravyn: ...Which means, we have to anticipate the source of troop deployment before it actually happens.
There's far more Terran Outsider activity happening during this time.

Ravyn: This is why we have to act now ... during the harvest.
How much data do you have on the Archotage already ?

Ravyn: Sileena has compiled border figures on several sectors where we should start new patrols. And yes, these need to be covert patrols. The Terran Outsiders won't deploy from high-risk areas.
Easier said than done. We've already fully committed our fleet to helping secure the inner rim during this time. We can't possibly spare more.

Ravyn: Then it's up to us, Sileena, and the other agents.
Ravyn... even if we manage to spot a deployment, we can't stop it by ourselves.

Ravyn: Doesn't matter. Our priority is to gain access to the Archotage technology, even if only small parts of it. Let the border fleets deal with the harvest expansions.
Anything else ?

Ravyn: One other thing. Regarding the transmitters...
Transmitters ?

Ravyn: Our intel suggests that the Archotage units are not centrally controlled. A network of transmitters is used to relay the transporter data, and we'll need to find and take those out.
Great... We barely have enough time as it is.

Ravyn: The Terran Outsiders have give us a short window here. We're taking it.
How important are these transmitters ?

Ravyn: We don't know how many individual components make up the Archotage. We should do whatever it takes to investigate every angle.
I still feel like you aren't quite repaying your debt.

Ravyn: Debt? I thought we were a team now, commander.
A team usually sticks together, Ravyn. I barely see you. You're like a ghost.

Ravyn: A ghost that produces results ! Results for all of us. You have the resources, and I have the skills and contacts. Sounds like a team to me.
I understand your need for discretion... I just wish you shared your information more frequently.

Ravyn: We're wasting time, commander.
Fine. We'll talk about this later.

Ravyn: I'll contact you again at the first set of sites... and don't forget about the transmitters.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of Ravyn's Return and Rank 500 during the November seasonal event
Mission Image: Image
Un-gray Requirements: Cloak 5000
Per Round Requirements: Energy 500, 1 Warp Gate Chassis
Per Round Rewards: 750 xp
Per Round Risks: None
Per Completion Rewards: Archotage Amplifier

You detect a nearby T.O. Signal...

  • Archotage Amplifier: Upgrades one of the following structures at random on the planet: (Perimeter Station, Captured T.O. Harvester VIII, T.O. Harvest Vault VII, Sarkonis Headquarters, Sarkonis Omnipod, Archotage Transmitter, T.O. TerraFounder); Cost: 250 energy to use; Scrap Value: 2500 - 10000 Credits

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 500 energy, 1 Warp Gate Chassis
Rewards: 750 xp
XP Return Ratio: 1.500
  • 10 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 5000 energy, 10 Warp Gate Chassis
Rewards: 7,500 xp, 1 Archotage Amplifier
This mission can be repeated once every 20 hours and it does not count towards completed missions credit.

Archotage Transmitter (NPC)

  • 07dec2016: NPCs that spawn as a result of daily missions WILL NO LONGER SPAWN while the mission is on cooldown.
  • Dan's rationale 18nov2017: "Even though the Archotage Transmitter NPC's do not drop anything for the current daily The Archotage, it is still tied to the mission. Due to complaints about mission NPC's clogging up battle tabs when their mission was in cool down, last year the code was changed so that NPC's that are tied to daily missions do not spawn during the cool down time. We cannot change just one of them. You will need to hunt for them prior to doing the mission."
  • NPC culprit: Strazi Sentinel

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