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Your ship contains different types of Equipment and increases your abilities. These include weapons, Defense, Hull and Shield, Energy, Scan, and Cloaking modules. Your ship also has a crew that works for you. As you gain new Ranks, you can hire additional crew or expand the size of your ship. You can also spend your Credits on Equipment upgrades.


Ship Tab Window

Ship Tab Left Sidebar

Ship Info

View Ship Stats - popup

View Medals - popup

Use An Artifact - popup

Repair Ship (if damaged) - spend credits to repair Hull only (does not restore [[Shields]: 'Hull repairs complete and fully restored.'

Use An Ability - popup

Settings - popup

Main Ship Tab Window

Ship Crew and Size details

Weapons (XX) - modules

Defenses / Shields (XX) - modules

Hull (XX) - modules

Energy (XX) - modules

Devices (XX) - modules

Ships / Allies (XX) - allies

Galaxy Legion Interface

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