GL Interface Research Tab


You will gain Research Points research.png RP, once every hour up to your Research Points Storage capacity.

To increase your hourly research production, you can recruit scientists or colonize Planets and install Structures which provide research production. You can also gain incidental research.png RP from completing certain Missions or using certain artifacts, notably the Alien Data Disc and Sha'din Data Terminal.

Once you have Research Points on hand, you can spend research.png RP researching new technologies on 9 branches of the Research Tree.


Research Tab Window

Top of Research Tab Window

While your current accumulated unallocated Research Points are displayed on the top right of the header, your hourly Research Points production from Planets is displayed below the Main Menu, along with a countdown timer to the next shipment of research.png RPs 'More In: XX:XX'. This timer is concurrent with the countdown timer on the GL Interface Trade Tab.

Your total Research Points Storage capacity starts at 150 per rank. You can increase this by building additional Resource Storage Structures on your planets.

If you hover over your available Research Points in the top right corner of the GL Interface Header, you will see your total Research Points Storage capacity based solely on rank.

If you hover over your hourly Research Points production, a tooltip will appear, indicating:

  • Research can be increased by hiring more scientists, building research structures on your planets, or redeeming Galaxy Points.
  • Rank Capacity: xx
    • (XX Research Storage Received from Planet Structures)
  • Total Research Done: xx

The Rank Capacity displays your overall Research Points Storage capacity, including both 150 per Rank as well as the Research Points Storage capacity from planet structures (which is indicated separately on the tooltip).

Main Research Tab Window

The Research Tree appears in the main body of the window, separated across 9 branches.

Research points can be spent on researching technologies on the Research Tree, which will unlock new modules for you to build on your ship or new structures for you to build on your Planets. You can click on the blue left or right arrows at the end of each branch to scroll through the steps needed to reach the end of each branch of researchable technologies.

Research Medals

You can unlock research-related Medals by spending research in the Research Tree. However, the final 2 medals, 'In Your Infinite Wisdom' and 'Eureka!' require you to be in a Legion with a Collective Theory Lab. Once you have finished researching Hybrid Theory Dynamics, you can spend research points to discover blueprints in the Collective Theory Lab, but only if your legion has not already discovered all the available blueprints.

Bottom of Research Tab Window

Research Contract

Once you have spent at least 47,400,000 Research points on the Research Tree, or in the Collective Theory Lab, a blue-outlined box will appear at the bottom of the screen. After that, you have the option to 'sell' your research.png RPs for Credits by clicking on the Research Contract button.

The exact rate of exchange is 25,000 credits.png CR for each 1 research.png RP, so 1000 research.png RPs will earn you 25 Million credits.png CR.

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