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m (1000 days or 2 years 8 months)
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* [[Tranquil Monolith]] - maximum cloak bonus of 50%  
* [[Tranquil Monolith]] - maximum cloak bonus of 50%  
=== 1000 days or 2 years 8 months ===
=== 1000 days or 2 years 9 months ===
* 'Last attacked XX' becomes 'Planet has never been attacked'
* 'Last attacked XX' becomes 'Planet has never been attacked'

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Planetary Invasion is a critical part of the game. Until you have researched scan modules or the Planet Transformer Chain of missions, finding excellent planets is a huge challenge. The solution is to take excellent planets from others ! However, be warned that an active pilot will not likely to be happy about it, so you should expect some retaliation from them or their legion mates.

In order to invade an enemy planet, you must first drop the planet's population down to below 10. There are some artifacts that you can use for an assist. Once the population is below 10, an Invade button will become active on the Planetary Actions tab. Clicking invade will attempt an invasion. A successful invasion will award you the planet as well as a green badge. The normal cooldown period between invasion attempts is 24 hours.

If your ship has a Calming Amplifier effect, you will be prevented from invading enemy planets. You can invade after clearing the effect by making a non.attack offensive action (hack, use an offensive artifact, etc.) against an enemy ship.


Invasion Chance

From the Equations page:

With thanks to Darth Flagitious

Chance% = (InvAtt/(3*InvDef))*100

Invasion Defense

Some planetary structures will increase your planetary defense, but only during planetary invasions.[1] A higher invasion defense improves your chances at defending a planet. The maximum invasion chance of an attacker is set at 90%. The Xecti race bonus applies to invasion defense.

InvDef% =(Planet Attack + Planet Defense + Invasion Defense Items) * (1+(LegionBonus/100))

Invasion Attack

Some modules and abilities will increase your attack, but only during planetary invasions.[2] A higher invasion attack improves your chances at conquering a planet up to a maximum invasion chance of 90%. The Konqul race bonus also applies to invasion attack.

InvAtt = Your Invasion Attack (Your "Normal" Attack + "normal" buffs (i.e. crux/crimson/crystal etc.) + Invasion-specific attack (from modules) + Invasion buffs (Stryll Pathogen, Mutagenic Cartridges etc.)) * Invasion %Bonus (Decimators, Kulgox)

Ship modules which provide invasion attack

sources: [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Image Name Size Invasion Attack ATK/Deck Gained From Equip Limit Upkeep per Day
sb360.png Anubix, AI Assault Drone rank 1 0 160 before rank bonuses - Collective Theory Lab 1 Anubix, AI Assault Drone 100,000,000 credits.png CR
hbaneally.png Apparitious, Bane Familiar rank 100 0 10% - 90 GP during the October Bane event 1 Apparitious, Bane Familiar 14,900,000 credits.png CR
adecimator.png Atmospheric Decimator 10 100 plus 7% 10.0 plus xx Battle Market for 15 green badges 2 Atmospheric Decimators 50,000 credits.png CR
cadevice4.gif Autonomous Processor 20 100 or 200 5.0 or 10.0 Medal: The Pinnacle (rank 1000) 1 Autonomous Processor  ? credits.png CR
banecannon.png Bane Emitter 10 20 2.000 NPC: Bane Revenant 4 Bane Emitters  ? credits.png CR
adecimatoru.png Biospheric Decimator 10 250 plus 9% 25.0 plus xx Battle Market for 29 green badges (upgrades existing Atmospheric Decimator) 2 Biosphere Decimators 750,000,000 credits.png CR
banecannon.png Charged Bane Emitter 12 30 2.500 NPC: Bane Revenant 4 Bane Emitters  ? credits.png CR
d-plasma.png Dark Mutagen Battery 0 40 - 70 mission completions 1 Dark Mutagen Battery 0
darkfscout.png Dark Smuggler Chassis 25 600 24.0 Mission: Furtive Adjustments 1 Dark Smuggler Chassis  ? credits.png CR
exotemp.png Exo-Temporal Translator 10 60 6.0 Mission: Aberrant Signals 4 Exo-Temporal Translators 2,500 credits.png CR
Missing Exotic Bio-Disruptor 2.0 12 350 plus 6% 29.167 plus xx Medal: King of the Hill 2.0
(flag Exotica planet)
1 Exotic Bio-Disruptor 2.0  ? credits.png CR
banecannon3.png Hypercharged Bane Emitter 14 60 4.286 NPC: Bane Eidolon 4 Bane Emitters 2,500,000 credits.png CR
lazulimind.png Lazuli Mind Controller 8 35 4.375 NPC: Reynard, Lazuli Titan 3 Lazuli Weapons 25,000 credits.png CR
banecannon3.png MegaCharged Bane Emitter 15 75 5.000 NPC: Bane Reaver 4 Bane Emitters 2,500,000 credits.png CR
banecannon2.png Overcharged Bane Emitter 13 45 3.462 NPC: Bane Eidolon 4 Bane Emitters 250,000 credits.png CR
mech.png Prototype Mech XV 0 15 - 15 mission completions 1 Prototype Mech XV 0
psionic.png Psionic Amplifier 10 30 3.000 Mission: Harnessing the Weapon 1 Psionic Amplifier 8,600 credits.png CR
ndmitem5.png Sha'din Security Terminal - Type N 20 200 10.0   Sha'din Hyperport   4 Sha'din Terminals 25,000,000 credits.png CR
hbcannon5.png TerrorCharged Bane Emitter 16 90 5.625 NPC: Bane Phantom 4 Bane Emitters  ? credits.png CR
voreangun.png Vorean Bio-Ray 15 200 13.333 Bioweapon Research 2 Bio-Rays 50M credits.png CR
mercally.png Vortov, Hired Mercenary rank 1 0 150 before rank bonuses - Mission Market for 48 relic badges 1 Vortov, Hired Mercenary 2,500,000,000 credits.png CR

Artifacts and Abilities which provide temporary buffs to invasion attack

Name Type Invasion Attack Number Available Duration Cooldown Cost Gained From
Alarri Probability Core Ability 5% random 1 hour 20 hours charges ? Mission: The Aperture Principle
Bane Shriek Ability 5% - 1 hour 20 hours 250 energy Apparitious Fearcaster GP purchase during Bane seasonal event
Kulgox Octal-Sac Artifact 10% - 4 hours - - NPC: Kulgox Entity
Mutagenic Cartridges Artifact 1500 5 5 minutes - 20 energy NPC: Bane Revenant
Stryll Pathogen Artifact 200 - 48 hours - 5 energy NPC: Sketh, Stryll Predator
Vorean Biocharge Ability 8% 2 charges per Vorean Bio-Ray 1 hour - charges refilled via GP Legion Mission: Vorean Extinction

Invasion Cost

Also from the Equations page:

Each successful invasion will result in your acquisition of the planet, for double the credit cost of a Planetary colonization.

Current Simplified Formula In English (Translated By - QCubed, Corrector - FerrusManus):

Invasion Cost = ((Number Of Planets Controlled)^3) * 2000

Invasion Cooldown Timer

The normal cooldown period between invasion attempts is 24 hours.

The Bane Hypershroud series of ship modules will modify your invasion timers, with success or failure setting different cooldowns as follows:

Upgrade GP Cost HyperShroud Version (single mod)
Cooldown Timer:
Successful Invasion
(single mod)
Cooldown Timer:
Invasion Failure
(set of 2)
Cooldown Timer:
Successful Invasion
(set of 2)
Cooldown Timer:
Invasion Failure
First Year Available
n/a 78 Bane HyperShroud 23 hours 22 hours 22 hours 20 hours 2015
Bane HyperShroud II Upgrade 71 Bane HyperShroud II 22 hours 20 hours 20 hours 16 hours 2016
Bane HyperShroud III Upgrade 63 Bane HyperShroud III 21 hours 18 hours 18 hours 12 hours 2017
Bane HyperShroud IV Upgrade 61 Bane HyperShroud IV 20 hours 16 hours 16 hours 8 hours 2018

The Paradox Generator removes any active timers for your invade, daily reward, share, abandon, hack, raid, repair, and trade abilities.

The Annex Decree removes any active timer for your invade ability, but can not be used within 4 hours of your previous invasion attempt.

Invasion Events

These events have a chance of occurring when a planet is successfully invaded. They last for one week.

Image Name Effect
destroyed.jpg Devastated Landscape +100% build costs
enslaved2.jpg Enslaved Prisoners -50% to build cost (half cost in credits AND minerals)
flash1.png Insurgent Uprising -50% to total defenses

Invasion Upgrade

How to get the invasion upgrade ?

Obtained by completing The Lone Conqueror medal. Invasion upgrade is an ability gained by successfully invading 15 planets while you're not a member of a legion.

What does it do ?

Each time you successfully invade a planet, a 50% 'Improved Invasion' production bonus is applied to this planet for 2 days.

--Butterfly3007 01:46, 18 August 2012 (UTC)

Invasion Medals

There are a variety of Medals related to invading planets:



  • Coveted Takeover: During the Hallows Bane event, invade 8 planets that have been scanned by no greater than 2 other ships.
  • Fire and Brimstone: While under the effects of both 'Bane Nightmare' and a 'Hallows Bane' from an enemy trap, invade the following types of planets: Terra, Toxic, Plasma, Demon
  • Living Nightmare: While under the effects of 'Bane Nightmare', invade the following types of common/uncommon planets: Icy, Volcanic, Gas, Barren, Desert
  • Vile Encounters: During the Hallows Bane event, invade planets scanned by 2 or fewer other ships that have the following criteria: Massive or larger; 25 or more structures; 2000 or more passive attack (only 1 matching criteria validated per invasion - at random - so minimum 3 invasions)
  • Toil and Trouble: While under the effects of 'Krow Gaze' and a 'Hallows Bane' from an enemy trap, invade the following types of planets: Metallic, Oceanic, Irradiated, Crystal
  • Unending Horrors: While under the effects of 'Krow Gaze', 'Bane Nightmare', and a 'Hallows Bane' from an enemy trap, invade the following types of planets: Barren, Volcanic, Gas, Desert

Planet Artifacts Impacted By Planetary Attacks

Recently Attacked = 1 hour

  • Engineered Virus - stops population growth on a recently-attacked enemy planet for 1 day
  • Sabotage ability - destroy one standard attack, defense or population structure on an enemy planet for 10 energy (enemy planet population must be less than 100)
  • Assimilation Locus - all effects double if used on a new colony (within 24 hours of invasion, without using any Planetary Time Vortex) that you recently invaded

1 day or less

2 days

3 days

7 days or 1 week

14 days or 2 weeks

  • VARA Interface - boosts planet production by 4% for 2 days, plus an additional 4% for planets attacked in the last 2 weeks
  • Bane Psybeacon - Mark III - Planet must be calm for 2 weeks to upgrade to Bane Psybeacon - Mark III

31 days or 1 month

62 days or 2 months

93 days or 3 months

  • Argent Consulate - Can only be built on planets that have been calm for 3+ months, or that have never been attacked.
  • Galakis Transport - can only be placed on a planet with a Galakis Route Marker (Cannot use on planets attacked in the last 3 months)

123 days or 4 months

184 days or 6 months

245 days or 8 months

273 days or 9 months

303 days or 10 months

366 days or 12 months = 1 year

425 days or 14 months

485 days or 16 months

550 days or 18 months

1000 days or 2 years 9 months

  • 'Last attacked XX' becomes 'Planet has never been attacked'

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