Subspace Fissuron

Artifact: Subspace Fissuron
Artifact Type: Planet Transformer
Artifact Target: Your Planet
Install Cost: Unknown
Install Limit: Unknown
Aquire From: Unknown
Aquire Cost: Unknown
Aquire Limit: 3
Activation Cost: 50
Activation Period: Unknown
Activation Limit: Unknown
Sendable: No
Sharable: No
Scrapable: Yes Unknown

Artifact Market




The Subspace Fissuron is a mission-obtained artifact that can be used on your own planets. It transforms any planet into a Rift planet, increasing its size and resources, and making the planet completely invincible to all enemy actions.


The Subspace Fissuron changes a planet in several ways:

  • Planet type becomes Rift.
  • Planet size is increased to Mega-Colossal, regardless of original size.
  • The richness of ALL resources are increased by 15 levels (e.g. 20x Mega Rich to 35x Mega Rich)
  • The planet gains permanent invincibility.

Additionally, the planet gains +10,000 passive attack, defense, and cloak.


This artifact can be obtained from the mission The Rift Project.


  • Use this artifact on a planet that is already maxed out on its resources (15X Mega Rich or better) to get the best effect. It doesn't matter what size the planet already is; it will always become Mega-Colossal. All that matters is the starting resource level. Using it on a 15x Mega-Rich planet will make it 30x Mega Rich!
  • Try using it on a natural Dyson to get an uber resource-rich planet (Since natural Dysons typically have resource ratings well above the 15x Mega Rich level already).
  • Since Terraformers, Toxic Purifiers, Planet Data Optimisers, etc cannot increase resources past 15x Mega Rich, make sure you have maxed out the planet first; you will not be able to use your resource-improving artifacts once the planet has been Rifted.
  • This artifact will not work on planets that have already been made invincible. (i.e. it will NOT work on your mission Dyson or mission Exotic)

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