T.O. Grid Controller

NPC-Dropped Artifact

An access device that can be used to control the T.O. Defense Grid. Someone is probably waiting for this ...
1 required per attempt of the mission Finding the Fornyis Twins.

Available from: NPC The Fornyis (Randomly spawns while the Finding the Fornyis Twins mission is active).

Artifact Type: Mission Artifact
Set Duration: N/A
Cost in Artifact Points: N/A
Cost in Galaxy Points: N/A
Cost in Energy to Use: N/A
Artifact Effects: Allows 1 attempt of the mission Finding the Fornyis Twins
Artifact Limits: Can be used 4 times (1 per mission attempt)
Number Available: Unlimited
Alternate Uses: None

Scraps for: 30,000 - 120,000 Credits
Share: No
Send: No
Image: T.O. Grid Controller

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