Cargo is one of the ten basic ship statistics that will define your capabilities in the game. Players start with 50 Cargo space. It is used to hold Minerals, Equipment when uninstalled, Artifacts, and Special Items.



There are several benefits to maintaining a high amount of Cargo space:

  • One can hold onto Equipment even while not in use in large amounts. See the Equipment page for more information.

Adding Cargo Space

via Rank Points:

Cargo can be improved by purchasing additional Cargo space with Rank Points. Each Rank Point spent on Cargo adds 5 Cargo space to the ship.

via Artifacts:

Several Artifacts gained from missions, NPCs, and from normal planetary artifact point production can be used to increase cargo space. Here is a partial list of these Artifacts.

  • Tesseract Container (+10 Cargo Space) - 1750 Artifact Points cost in artifact shipments - 14 Galaxy Points from the Artifact Market
  • Mass Storage Pod (+60 Cargo Space) - 20,000 Artifact Points cost in artifact shipments - not available from the Artifact Market

via Professions:

Choosing the Merchant Profession increases your cargo space by 30%.

Cargo vs Decks

Equipment that is not installed on your ship is held in cargo space, along with other artifacts, minerals, undrawn artifact points, and undrawn mineral points. Installed ship modules take up Deck space. If you do not have enough deck space to install a module, it will remain in cargo. You may encounter problems if you attempt to uninstall a module from your ship decks without sufficient cargo space. If that happens, you may need to sell some minerals or scrap / send some artifacts to make enough cargo room.

Cargo vs Storage

Undrawn artifact points and undrawn mineral points do take up cargo space. When they are drawn, the resulting minerals and artifacts also take up cargo space. The distribution of minerals between each type are based on your rank, not on the amount of cargo space. You can draw up to a maximum of 500 artifacts in a single pull. However, both draws of artifacts or minerals will stop immediately once your cargo space is full, so you will have to sell some minerals or scrap / send some artifacts to make enough cargo room for subsequent draws.

Storage is your ship's capacity to hold undrawn artifact points, mineral points, and research points. Research point storage increases by 150 RP for every rank gained, while Mineral point storage increases by 500 per planet occupied, and Artifact point Storage by 1,000 per planet occupied. Storage for Research, Artifacts, and Mining production can be further increased by purchasing storage towers from the Artifact Market using GP. As these artifacts are sendable, they can also be traded with other players for CTP, Kurenite, or other artifacts.

The Polychoron Vault may be created in the Collective Theory Lab, this artifact will increase all 3 types of storage by 1,000 when deployed on any planet. There are also a variety of limited time storage artifacts that become available from the Artifact Market during seasonal events.

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