Ravyn's Return

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Relentless Blockade Ravyn's Return The Archotage (mission)

Mission Briefing

Ravyn: It's good to see you again. I've been keeping a low profile, but given the urgency, I could think of no one else better suited to assisting me with a... delicate and pressing matter.

Mission Dialogue:

Ravyn: Your ship has come a long way since we were wading in debris from the Ellipsis. I'm impressed.
I see you have a few upgrades yourself, Ravyn.

Ravyn: Covert travel isn't as easy as it once was... but I came as quickly as possible.
You have news from the Terran Outsiders?

Ravyn: My colleague, Sileena, was captured by the new leadership during a deep op. It's imperative that we get her back as soon as possible.
A rescue sounds like a mission well suited to your own talents.

Ravyn: Sileena is one of the best, but the longer she is held, the more likely that our cover will be blown for good. Normally I would handle this matter myself, but there's not enough time.
Any idea on where she is being held?

Ravyn: I've compiled a list of the most likely outposts. Each of these contains a holding pod that fits the description of comm chatter I intercepted.
What's the plan?

Ravyn: Simple. Get in quietly, get Sileena, and get out.
Are the outposts well guarded?

Ravyn: I would expect a few wardens... nothing you can't handle, however.
And how exactly are we going to reach all of these targets quietly without getting her killed?

Ravyn: By doing what I do best... making sure you get the intel you need, and keeping everyone else blind to our actions. Don't worry. I'll make sure that their distress calls go nowhere. You just make sure no one else escapes alive.
Anything else?

Ravyn: Well... just one more thing. The outposts are deep within a network of positron mines. Navigate carefully, and if you collide with any of them, deal with the effects immediately. I can't help you if you are lit up like a supernova.
Fair enough. I will help - but you owe me on this one, Ravyn.

Ravyn: Sileena was close to tracking down info on a top secret T.O. project known as the Archotage. I don't know much about the project myself, but I have no doubt that getting her back would be mutually beneficial.
We've spent a great deal of effort keeping the T.O. at bay. If they are working on something significant, we want to know about it.

Ravyn: As would I. See you on the other side.

End Transmission

Becomes Available Upon: Completion of Relentless Blockade and Rank 450
Mission Image: Mission Image
Un-gray Requirements: Cloak 3000
Per Round Requirements: Energy 450
Per Round Rewards: 900 exp
Per Round Risks: 1 hour long cloak loss of 90% (effect can be removed with a Containment Cage

Risk Chance of Ocurring: 14/225 (6.22%)

Per Completion Rewards: Battle Rare NPC T.O. Sector Warden

Battle Rewards: 1 T.O. Cyclobeam Charger

Mission Summary:

  • Per 1 Round
Requirements: 450 energy
Rewards: 900 exp
XP Return Ratio: 2
  • 75 Rounds/Completion
Requirements: 33,750 energy
Rewards: 67,500 exp, 1 Battle Rare NPC T.O. Sector Warden
  • 3 Completions/Finish
Requirements: 101,250 energy
Rewards: 202,500 exp, 3 Battles Rare NPC T.O. Sector Warden

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Relentless Blockade Ravyn's Return The Archotage (mission)

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