Relays are a type of ship Module that increases your Energy recharge rate - so you gain more energy per hour - but you do so at the cost of reducing your maximum energy level. You can equip up to four standard Relays at a time, but like other ship modules, you can conduct research to access better relays that increase your recharge rate faster than older models.

Other special modules may also be equipped later on in the game that further reduce your recharge rate. These can be gained as rewards from specific missions, completing certain objectives, or as rewards when you destroy specific enemies.

Many players feel that until you have researched the first Power Core, Relays should not be equipped. Also, be aware that there is a minimum energy requirement before they can be equipped - if your max energy level is too low, the game will not allow you to equip a Relay. If this happens, spend some Rank Points on hiring more Engineers or build more Cores to increase your max energy!

As of July 2019, with the release of the Elios Collector V Upgrades, the current maximum energy recharge is 360 per hour or 8,640 per day.



At the start of the game, you recharge Energy every 3 minutes (180 seconds), for a total of 20 energy recharged per hour (Or 480 energy per day). The first Relay, a Power Conduit, has the following stats:

Power Conduit [-5 max energy, +1 charge*]

  • This means each Conduit that you equip will reduce the time between "ticks" by 1 second.

Equipping one Relay would therefore reduce your max energy level by 5, but would reduce the time between ticks to 2 minutes 59 seconds (179 seconds), giving a total of 20.1 energy recharged per hour (Or 482.4 energy per day)

But since you can equip 4 Relays at a time, this means you can potentially increase your energy recharge rate by 4 seconds - at a total cost of -20 max energy.

So say a player at the start of the game has a ship with 120 energy and no bonus charge. This ship recharges energy every three minutes, and gains 20 energy per hour. But after equipping four of these Relays, that same ship would have 100 max energy and would gain energy every 2 minutes 56 seconds (176 seconds), or 20.45 energy per hour (Or 490.8 energy per day)

But this is the poor man's example; this is only the first Relay, and there are plenty of better Relays available to be researched! For example in the late game, with four of the best available standard Relays equipped (in addition to all Mission Completion Rewards and 3 Silthion T-Plasma Hubs), energy recharge time falls to 40 seconds, or 90 energy per hour (Or 2160 energy per day).

Purchasing two F.A.T.H.E.R. Relays for Galaxy Points will give a further 10 second recharge increase. If they were equipped with the best Relays, the result is a 30 second energy recharge time, or 120 energy per hour (Or 2880 energy per day). That last 10 second reduction has more of an impact than the first!

If you want a REAL example, based around mid-game stats, let's assume that you have a heavy cruiser that has a base energy of 100, with not one, not even two, but THREE Singularity Core Mk. IV's. This ship would have a maximum of 469 energy! However, with no energy recharge, it would take 23 hours and 27 minutes to fully recharge from 0 to 469 energy. That's not a fun wait at all! But if you install 4 X-Conduits (+15 Charge, but -50 max. energy each), the max. energy of the ship will drop down from 469 to 269, but the energy recharge time reduces from 3 minutes 0 seconds to 2 minutes 0 seconds. At this rate, the time to get to 269 energy from 0 energy would only be 8 hours and 58 minutes. Significantly faster than before, no? Plus, it's just long enough that, if you go to sleep, you should wake up to a full energy bank. :)

Hint: if you are likely to sleep for longer than 9 hours, uninstall one or two of the four conduits. It may not charge at full speed, but the extra max energy means your ship will have more energy when you wake up! ;)

Researchable Relays

These relays can be unlocked by performing Energy Research. Every second tier of research unlocks a new relay (Ie. tier 2, tier 4, tier 6, and so on). The other tiers unlock Power Cores.

Name Size Charge Rate Max Energy Cost Upkeep Research Requirement Energy/hr (relays + Omicron Injector only)
Power Conduit

5 +1 -5 1,000 CR 50 CR per day Advanced Power Systems 21.69/hr
High Energy Relay
5 +3 -10 5,970 CR, 119 Dynite 299 CR per day Superconductive Relays 22.78/hr
Plasma Relay

5 +6 -20 23,500 CR, 47 Chrisium 1,200 CR per day Plasma Relays 24.66/hr
Wave Conduit

5 +9 -30 97,000 CR, 19 Darrinyte 4,900 CR per day Wave Conduits 26.87/hr
Positron Relay

5 +12 -40 416,000 CR, 17 Hydium 20,800 CR per day Positron Relays 29.51/hr
X Conduit

5 +15 -50 1,800,000 CR, 36 Erixion 90,000 CR per day X Conduits 32.73/hr

5 +18 -60 8,100,000 CR, 32 Pawlacite 405,000 CR per day Transconduits 36.73/hr
Isomophic Repeater

5 +21 -70 37,000,000 CR, 32 Dysillon 1,850,000 CR per day Isomorphic Entanglement 41.86/hr
Wormhole Relays

5 +24 -90 200,000,000 CR, 90 Kurenite 10,000,000 CR per day Wormhole Channeling 48.65/hr
HyperChannel Relays

5 +27 -120 900,000,000 CR, 300 Kurenite 45,000,000 CR per day Flux Vibration Channeling 58.06/hr

Discoverable or Salvaged Relay Systems

These modules can be randomly found by killing a specific enemy in combat.

Name Size Charge Rate Max Energy Gained From Dropped by Upkeep Equip Limit
Silthion T-Plasma Hub

5 +3 No Change NPC Combat NPC: Silthion Hive Colony 428,700 CR per day 3

Mission Completion Rewards

Mission Completion Rewards are gained from doing what the name implies; completing missions. Complete the amount of missions specified and the module will automatically be installed on your ship. Unlike all other ship modules, Mission Completion Rewards take up zero (0) deck space on your ship. However, once installed, they cannot be uninstalled, so their effects are permanent.

Name Size Charge Rate Max Energy Other Effects Gained From Upkeep Equip Limit Image URL
Omicron Injector

0 +10 No Change None Mission Completion Reward Tier 1 (3 Missions Completed) None 1

0 +5 No Change Shield Recharge +5 Mission Completion Reward Tier 10 (34 Missions Completed) None 1
Krionite Transducer

0 +8 No Change Attack +30 Mission Completion Reward Tier 23 (86 Missions Completed) None 1

G.P. Purchasable Items

The following relays can only be bought through the Artifact Market using Galaxy Points.

Name Size Charge Rate Max Energy Other Effects Gained From Availability Upkeep Equip Limit

5 +5 No Change None Artifact Market: 40 GP Each Permanently available 500 2
Elios Collector

10 +5 +75 None Artifact Market: 56 GP Each The Elios Summer 2014 Seasonal Event 429 2
Elios Collector Upgrade

N/A +1 +25 None Artifact Market: 47 GP Each The Elios Summer 2015 Seasonal Event 429 2
Elios Collector II Upgrade

N/A +1 +50 None Artifact Market: 47 GP Each The Elios Summer 2016 Seasonal Event 429 2
Elios Collector III Upgrade

N/A +1 +75 None Artifact Market: 47 GP Each The Elios Summer 2017 Seasonal Event 429 2
Elios Collector IV Upgrade

N/A +1 +100 None Artifact Market: 47 GP Each The Elios Summer 2018 Seasonal Event 429 2
Elios Collector V Upgrade

N/A +1 +125 None Artifact Market: 47 GP Each The Elios Summer 2019 Seasonal Event 429 2

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